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    Very Productive Day

    I was soooo productive today. I returned the movie I watched last night (Legally Blonde 2), got another one (About A Boy), picked up some milk for when the fam gets back from Conn. tonight, got my brother and sister's Xmas gifts, bought an Xmas gift for my niece, finished one paper, and started another. And all this after I slept until like 1. I am so a goddess. Now its off to wrap the presents I got. Tootles.

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    Sometimes Exes can be cute...

    Yesterday was my ex-boyfriend's birthday. We only went out for like 3 months, but I remember when his birthday is because its so easy to remember. Last year it was the day after Thanksgiving, which means this year it would be two days after Thanksgiving. We still talk online sometimes, so I sent him an e-card wishing him a happy birthday. And today, when I checked if anyone left me any IMs while I was away, he sent me an IM saying thanks for the card and that it meant a lot. He always was the nicest guy I ever went out with. Or perhaps he was just the only nice guy I ever went out with. Whatever, sounds like splitting hairs to me at this point.

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    Fun Times

    I just got back from going to the restaurant with Rachael for a couple of drinks. We had a great time. I think I'm gonna end up working there again after I move home and I'm looking for a job. I just hope that Justin doesn't end up training me. I don't think he's one of their trainers, but he could be, and that would be bad. Maybe in 3 weeks it won't matter as much. Besides, one of their bartenders quit like a week ago, so I might be able to bartend there instead of serve. I would really prefer to bartend and one of my friends from there who's a bartender said that he heard the managers talking about hiring a bartender from outside so they wouldn't have to train somebody from scratch. That would be nice. I'm almost starting to dislike Justin. It's weird. I don't dislike him dislike him (if that makes any sense). Like, I don't dislike his personality or him as a person, I just dislike that he never called me back after all that bullshit he said. I totally get that at this point I've come across as a total psycho, but prior to the drunk dial of the other night, I wasn't really a psycho, so I dislike that he never called me back then. Does that make sense? Oh, who cares? I'm drunk and I need to go to bed. Oh, I forgot the great thing I did the other day. I deleted Justin's phone number from my phone. It saves him the annoyance and me the embarassment. Now even when I want to call him I can't. Thank God for that.

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    Blog of the Week

    This week's Blog of the Week is BiblioBlog, a blog dedicated to book reviews! How awesome is that? Check it out!

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    4 Days, 2 Books...

    I finished The Da Vinci Code. If you haven't read it, the ending is surprising, to say the least. But it makes perfect sense. I was so intrigued by everything in the book about the Priory of Sion, that I went to a website to find out more about it. It's called Priory of Sion: The Facts, The Theories, The Mystery and its got a pretty complete history of all this stuff. I don't understand how I could never have known that there was a group of people in the world that believe that Christ was married to Mary Magdalene and the she bore his child (after he was crucified, she was pregnant at the crucifixion, or so the story goes) and that she, not the legendary chalice, is the Holy Grail, along with a group of documents which serve as proof of the line of descendants of Jesus and Mary Magdalene. How is it that it is so well-documented (not the Grail itself, I get that no one knows where that is), and so many people have written about it, and yet so few people know? Hmm. I'm definitely very interested in this. Perhaps I'm just a conspiracy theorist at heart. Whatever the case, I'm going to take a nap and then do some (bleh)homework.

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    Love Actually

    Went to see Love Actually with a friend yesterday. I loved it! When it ended, I asked her if I could see it again. For a British movie, that was nice and feel-good. Except for Emma Thompson's character of course. It's okay, because everytime I see Alan Rickman I think of Professor Snape from Harry Potter. He plays such a great Snape.

    Anyway, the movie was just wonderful. Whenever I see Hugh Grant, I think about how nice it would be to come home and find him lying in my bed. Ahhhh. He's just too cute. Those dimples! It's too much.

    I may run into Justin tonight, although I sincerely hope not. If I see him, unless he ignores me, which would be fine, he can't really ignore that I left a completely dumbass message. I'm hoping not to see him, and then by the time that I see him when I move home (b/c remember, we have a lot of the same friends...its not if I see him, its when) at the end of next month, we can safely just ignore my dumbass phone call and move on with our lives. Please God let this happen. Anyway, its off to finish The Da Vinci Code. I'm almost done with it, to my uncle's chagrin, since he's reading it too but its taken him much longer. Tee hee.

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    Awesome Book

    I love vacations. I can just sit around and read. Think I'm a nerd? Fine. I LOVE reading. In the past two days I read The Pilot's Wife by Anita Shreve and now I'm reading what everyone else in the world is reading at the moment: The Da Vinci Code by Dan Brown. I read like half the book in 3 hours last night. I didn't put it down until around 2 am. The Code is a great book that EVERYONE should read sometime soon. It's gonna make one helluva movie too. I can picture it being a little like The Bourne Identity. Speaking of movies, I'm finally going to see Love Actually tonight. Yay. Anyway, the little bro is about to leave to go back to school and I gotta go pick up my dough from the grandma's house.

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    D.U.I. (Dialing Under the Influence)

    I hate myself sometimes. I went out with one of my girls last night over to the restaurant and Justin was there. He didn't even look in my direction. Its possible he didn't see me, but even if he didn't, he had to have known that I was there, since everyone else that works there came over to say hi to us. That pisses me off. And it upset me. I don't get it. The dude was so fucking clear as to the fact that he wanted to see me again over Thanksgiving. And we met in OCTOBER. The fucking beginning of it. I called him on it dude. I told him not to say that because he would change his mind but he was so sure that he wouldn't and he insisted on saying it. Well, low and fucking behold, I got nothing. Nada. Zip. Zilch. I mean really. What the fuck?

    So yeah, I drunk dialed. Left a message. Said I was confused b/c I didn't see how I could have misunderstood what happened and that I wanted to have him explain it to me for my piece of mind. This, while all true, has two problems. Problem #1: I now sound like a complete and total psycho. The never show your face again in public kind of psycho. The avoid her at all costs kind of psycho. How long did I know this dude before I turned into a complete freak? TWO FUCKING DAYS! Yeah, so, Problem #2: It's not exactly all true. It's all true while I'm in NJ, but when I'm in DC, I barely think about it. So its not like I need piece of mind sooooo badly that I'm gonna die without it (and even if I was, THANK GOD I DIDN'T SAY THAT). I can't believe I did that. Oh my God, I'm such a fucking tool. Ugh.

    I'm gonna go kick the living shit out of myself now, but you all have a great Turkey Day.

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    Home is good

    Got home for Thanksgiving yesterday at around 3:30pm. Hung around with the fam, had some eats, walked the pup, unpacked my shit and then eventually went out at about 10pm. I thought maybe I would see Justin, since he was working last night, but when I got to the restaurant he had already left. So I went with a buddy to have a few at Friday's where I ran into my friend Becky who had a kid about 3 months ago. She was working. She wanted to go out, since her mom had the baby last night, but considering I had already stolen $20 from the rents earlier b/c I have no $$, I thought spending the $9 I had left after two drinks would be a shitty idea. So I went home and went to bed. Now I gotta go get dressed b/c we're gonna have lunch. Who cares that I only got up like an hour ago and had 2 bowls of cereal. Lata.

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    Just got an email from my prof saying that class is optional tomorrow. Kinda wish that I had known that earlier. I would have left for home today, but seeing as I have laundry to do still, and since its already dark out, I'll just head home in the morning. Kind of annoyed though. I still have tons of packing to do so I guess its okay. Oh well. I suppose I'll get over it, and at least I won't have to drive in the dark. I really do not see well at night, and while the highways are all lit pretty well, the roads near my parents house are definitely not, and I really can't see that well. Alright, enough procrastinating. Off to watch Charmed and start packing.

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    Skipping Class

    I love skipping class. Of course, I need to do laundry. In a major way. I actually shouldn't even be blogging right now, I should be moving shit from the washer to the dryer. Between today and well...today, I have to pack up everything I can that needs to be taken back to my parents' house so that I'll have less to pack when I need to move out for good (happens in 24 days, which means, btw, that officially, my graduation from college is only 22 days away!). So yeah, I'm procrastinating just a little. I hate packing. And I have to get the plastic storage containers out of my car, where they've been sitting since I brought them here at the end of October. Am I lazy? Nah. Okay, yeah, a little. Ok shit, a lot!

    Off to do the laundry. Oy. I fucking hate folding clothes. Is there anything more annoying? I can think of only one thing that's worse: unloading the dishwasher.

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    Dude, yesterday sucked. I woke up with a tiny hangover, nothing serious. I went out to have my Sunday morning Bloody Mary, which was calling my name a little louder than usual after I'd been drunk on Saturday night. So I go out, I have my Bloody Mary, I eat my brunch, and I go home. I jump into the bathtub because after carrying the baby up and down six flights of steps a bunch of times the day before, my muscles really could have used some relaxation. After I got out of the bath everything went downhill. I fell asleep in my bed with my bathrobe and towel still on. When I woke up, I got dressed and plopped myself down on the couch. The internet refused to work. I hate when it does that. So I turned on the TV and alternated between VH1's Top 100 1-Hit Wonders and the Real World (by the way, how totally hot is Ace?). I started to feel a little icky, so I made myself some food and layed back down on the couch. Yeah, so that didn't work. A couple of hours later I puked. I hate throwing up. Then I slept for an hour before Charmed came on (you don't know about my Charmed obsession do you?) Charmed was soooooo good last night. I think that Chris might be Wyatt's younger brother. I'm so happy that we know that he's half witch and whitelighter and now we know the reason he came back from the future. Still don't totally understand why he scattered Leo's orbs though. Hmmm. Whatever. So after Law & Order Criminal Intent I attempted to go to bed, and then I puked again. Only, there was nothing in my stomach, so it was mostly dry heaving. Then I got hungry, but I had no food, so I went to sleep. Now I have to walk the dog and get my ass over to the grocery store because I am STARVING.

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    Quote of the Day

    Friendship is certainly the finest balm for the pangs of disappointed love.
    Jane Austen

    How true is that?

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    I slept with my ex...again. The last time was like two months ago. I swore it was the last time, but now I'm moving 200 miles away. I mean, can you blame me? Maybe you can. He said it was a mistake. Possibly because he has a girlfriend. Whatever, I hate her. I don't think that he thinks it was a mistake. I think he thinks he should think it was a mistake. Trust me, I've known the guy a long time. I don't love him anymore, but the sex was good (well, it was okay anyway...I needed to get laid, so it was good by those standards). Anyway, I have to get to bed. Me tired. Really tired.

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    40 years

    Today is the 40th anniversary of the assassination of JFK. Weird. I mean, don't get me wrong, I'm only 22, so its not like I remember him getting shot or anything. My mom was 13 and my dad almost 12 when it happened. Still, I do remember the 30th anniversary when I was in 7th grade. I saw a documentary the other night on CNN with a bunch of reporters talking about the day he was shot. I think its so weird that this country is still so obsessed with a man that has now been dead for 40 years. Hmmm. Its probably all of that conspiracy theory behind it that's still got everyone talking. Still, you know you've made an impact when after 40 years, people are still talking about your death. Hopefully we'll all get to make that kind of impact on somebody else's life (if not everybody's).

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    I just dropped off the little one with her mom. Dude, taking care of a kid is really hard work! I can't even describe it, but if you have kids I'm sure you know what I mean. I ended up sitting for her for like 8 hours even though I was only supposed to have her for 4. Oy. Tough. I'm so exhausted. So exhausted.

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    I am so glad that the week is finally over. You have no idea. I don't even know why I'm writing now, I'm so damn tired. Oy.

    I get to go home for Thanksgiving on Tuesday, and even earlier than I thought I would. I was planning on leaving after my second class, but my prof in that class is only showing a movie, and he actually reminded us that attendance was not required for the course. That sealed it for me. Seeing as I'm skipping two classes that day, I would skip the first one too and just go home Monday but we're gonna get our papers back for my Justice Research class on Tuesday and I really want to know how I did. I have the highest grade in that class right now, but seeing as its only a 92.4 or something, I want to be able to relax over the break knowing that I have an A on the paper and that my grade is safely in the A and not A- range. Am I a nerd? Totally. But I'm damn proud of it.

    Babysitting the little one tomorrow (my niece), while her Mommy and Daddy move, so I gotta hit the sack and prepare to give 4 hours of undivided attention to a 2 1/2 month old.

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    Another quick thought on abortion

    Read this. It's from Margaret Cho's blog, and it gives a much more human spin on abortion that I ever could have articulated. Really, you need to read it.

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    A big ole rant

    Wow, I just found an incredible blog. Its called After Abortion and its remarkably good. At first I thought it was a pro-life site which, as a woman who has had an abortion, pissed me off, but then I read a post that was decidedly pro-choice so now I think it might just be looking at both sides of the issue. However, all you pro-choice peeps out there really need to go and post some comments because its all Jesus freaks posting comments about how abortion is infanticide and murder and all sorts of other good bullshit that makes my blood boil. And I'm not sorry for calling them Jesus freaks. They are. Read their comments. Honestly, I don't give a shit who's a Jesus freak and who's not. I don't give a shit whether or not your moral system tells you that abortion is A-OK or that its not. Have you views. Have you morals. Keep your Jesus out of my government. He doesn't belong there, especially not in a country that's so diverse. Seriously, I'm a girl whose mom is Jewish and dad is Catholic. I have an uncle who's a priest and a great uncle who was a rabbi. I know Jews who have married Muslims. I know Buddhists and Confucianists and Taoists and Hindus, all living right here in America. So really, do you think its fucking fair to bring your Jesus into my government just because the people in power happen to be overwhelmingly Protestant? You know what? Just go start preaching to members of your congregation. Spread your morals among your followers. Don't make me live by your rules in my house. That's just unfair, and unreasonable and a whole bunch of other "un"s. Leave it alone. Leave me and all other women like me alone.

    P.S. Just kidding. Spent some more time on the site and its definitely pro-life. And religious. Or at least she's religious. I dunno. The point is, its actually still a good site, even if run by a anti-abortion Jesus freak. She still gives both sides. See, I can be fair!

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    Hot Prof

    I just got back from my night class and realized that although I might have learned one or two new things while I was there, I spent the majority of the time staring at my professor's ass. He is so hot. I mean really really really hot. Too bad he's married with 3 kids huh? Not that I would ever do anything with a professor, but the fantasy would be a lot better w/o the wife and kids ya know?

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    I so should be doing my homework. I have class until 10:40pm tonight and it would be so smart of me to get my homework for tomorrow done before that. But for some reason I just can't concentrate on it. Senioritis maybe? Probably, considering the fact that I now have only 26 days left until I'm done with college. Ugh, off to try to write these stupid briefs.

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    Quote of the Day

    Americans will put up with anything provided it doesn't block traffic.
    Dan Rather

    How true Dan, how true.

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    Sleep Tight

    Ever been in your bed and just been so comfortable that you can barely stand it? You know, the covers are just right, the pillows are just right, you're not too hot or too cold and you're just so comfortable. That's how I was when I woke up this morning (luckily, I still had an hour left to sleep). I just love that feeling. It's almost blissful, you know?

    Anyway, I must go get in the shower since I still have paint all over me from yesterday. Then I get to to to school, pick Leah up to go back and finish the stenciling and then go back to school when we're done for my night class. The fun just never fucking ends does it?

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    Describing My Life

    Just found this great quote on The Quotations Page. I think it really describes how I feel about guys. Here it is:

    You may be deceived if you trust too much, but you will live in torment if you do not trust enough.
    Frank Crane

    I hate this about myself, but because of my incorrigible ex, I don't trust any guys. I mean, I give a guy the benefit of the doubt to begin with, but one teeny tiny transgression and you lose it, and if I like him enough, I'll give him another chance, but I'm constantly making him prove himself to me over and over and over again. I know its not fair, but I can't help it because I've been burned so badly before. What I hope is that when I find the right guy, he's going to want to prove himself to me, and even though I may still feel guilty about it, the fact that he wants to prove himself will do it for me, and I might actually trust someone again.

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    New Links

    I signed up for BlogSnob which generates a random link everytime you come to my blog. If you refresh, a new blog link will appear. Its basically an ad service for personal blogs. I forget exactly how it works, because my brain is still fried from the stenciling bullshit, but you can always find out for yourself if you want. There's also some other new links. Check them out. They'd appreciate it.

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    Google Toolbar

    Do you have the Google toolbar? Dude, it rocks. You have no idea how many times a day I end up at Google, and now all I need to do is type in my search terms into the toolbar. AND, if I want to link to a website in my blog, all I have to do is click on the Blogger icon! I love this!

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    Stenciling Sucks!

    Today I spent the day with my best friend stenciling a border in her daughter's bedroom in their new house. Luckily, the baby was at her aunt's house. Having an 11 week-old around would have made a bad day even worse. And I LOVE that baby. I'd like to make a couple of points about the process of stenciling:
    1. It sucks.
    2. If you're contemplating doing it yourself, don't. Hire a painter. Save yourself the headache. Trust me.
    3. If you decide to do it yourself, get a ladder. Wobbly stools do not work.
    4. Make sure you have enough stencils. After a while, you can't get the detail anymore with just one or two.
    5. Plan ahead. Bring scissors. Bring water (to drink). Wear old clothes (I did do this, I'm not a total moron, just wanted to remind you, in case you are a total moron).

    Trust me, its not a great process. We got half of the room done and we have to finish it tomorrow. My back aches. My head hurts from the paint fumes.

    On the bright side (of life), I get to babysite the little one on Saturday while her parents move. I can't wait. I'm telling you, I'm obsessed with that kid. I love her to death. Seeing as I have no children, I guess I just didn't realize how much you could adore a child. Even one that's not your own. She's gonna call me Aunt Lauren, although I don't think she's gonna be talking for quite a while. I so totally have baby fever.

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    Flu Shot

    I got my flu shot today. Good God those things hurt! Not 15 minutes after I got the shot my arm started hurting. I can deal with the soreness, but I really hope I don't get sick from it. Now that would suck.

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    Massachusetts Supreme Court Rules...

    This is from The Washington Post which reported today that the Massachusetts Supreme Court ruled that the state cannot ban gay marriages. I'm very, very pleased with this ruling. Now I can just hope that the NJ Supreme Court does the same thing, since I'm from NJ and I'd be very embarassed if they decided the other way.

    Massachusetts Court: State Wrong to Ban Gay Marriage
    By Fred Barbash
    Washington Post Staff Writer
    Tuesday, November 18, 2003; 1:18 PM

    Massachusetts' highest court today invalidated a state ban on same-sex marriages, ruling that the right to marry is "the right to marry the person of one's choice," regardless of gender.

    It stopped short of immediately legalizing same-sex marriages, however, referring the issue to the Massachusetts legislature for action "appropriate" in light of the ruling.

    By a 4-3 vote, the state's Supreme Judicial Court said Massachusetts was violating its state constitution by denying the "legal, financial and social benefits of marriage" to people of the same sex who wish to marry.

    It rejected the state's chief argument in favor of the ban: that the purpose of marriage is "procreation." That, the court concluded, is largely a cover for "persistent prejudices" against homosexuals.

    It then took the extraordinary step of redefining the common law definition of marriage in Massachusetts.

    Marriage, under the law, is not merely a union between a man and a woman, the court said.

    Rather, it is "the voluntary union of two persons as spouses, to the exclusion of all others."

    It is a "civil right," Chief Justice Margaret H. Marshall wrote for the court, guaranteed by the state constitution's commitment to "the dignity and equality of all individuals."

    Marshall left no doubt that the court expected conformance by the legislature. The "marriage ban," she wrote for the court, "works a deep and scarring hardship . . . for no rational reason."

    The legislature, however, is free to amend the state constitution to overrule today's decision. There was some speculation today that a battle over a state constitutional amendment would be the next step in the Massachusetts controversy.

    The ruling is similar to a 1999 Vermont Supreme Court decision, which led to its legislature's approval in 2000 of civil unions that give couples many same benefits of marriage.

    The Massachusetts decision went further, however, by adhering to the concept of "marriage" alone. Marriages are recognizable across state lines. Civil unions are not.

    Courts in Hawaii and Alaska have previously ruled that the states did not have a right to deny marriage to gay couples, but those decisions were overturned by the adoption of state constitutional amendments.

    Gary Buseck, executive director of Gay & Lesbian Advocates & Defenders, said the seven couples who sued the state seeking the right to marry were "ecstatic" over the decision, which he called "a flat out victory," the Associated Press reported.

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    I'm really bad...I decided not to go to class today. I don't know why I decided not to go, but I just didn't feel like it. Instead I can work on my briefs for Gender and the Law for tomorrow. They're really short Title IX cases on athletics. Shouldn't be too difficult. I'm feeling pretty guilty about not going to class though. Dunno why, just am. Now that I'm doing well in the class (well better anyway) I just decided not to torture myself with that evil witch's mumbo jumbo. She's not really evil, just a really really bad professor. Oh well.

    Tonight is my last night at work, my last night working with Sammy. He's my pretend crush from work. He gives the best hugs and really is the sweetest kid ever (when I say kid, I mean its because he's almost 2 years younger than me). I'm gonna miss him so much. It was weird...last night, both he and Justin, the guy from home, were in my dream. But it was Sammy that I ended up kissing in my dream, and Justin's the one that I've actually hooked up with in real life. Strange, huh? Anyone want to analyze my dreams for me?

    Right, you can't, because I haven't gotten the damn comments working yet.

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    Yay! I added a counter to the bottom of my page so I might be able to see whether or not people love me. Still working on getting the comments to work. Hmmmph! I thought about moving back to blog city, just because of the fact that people seem to read my blog over there, but then again, I figure it will just take some time for people to find me over here.

    Obviously I sort of have my internet working. I called Comcast this morning and the lady said that I could stop over at their office for a new modem (for free!) which I might do, depending on how long this one decides to stay on this time. If it doesn't stay on very long, new modem it is. I would go immediately, but since I'm moving out in a month, its kinda not worth it. Anyway, I should get going. Gotta walk Henry and head off to school.

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    Wow, I'm pretty smart. I figured out how to get my blog to post to thegirl.envy.nu instead of to blogspot. I guess I'm not really that smart, but I'm pretty damn proud of myself. You should be too.

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    I just wrote almost an entire post, pouring my heart out to the entire internet, and I forgot to save it. Am I a moron or what? Don't answer, its a rhetorical question.

    Yeah. So, what I was saying before I proved to myself that I really am quite dumb, is that I'm not that dumb. I got a 96% on my Forms of the Sacred test (my religion class) which is awesome since I got a C- on the last one and I really need to get at least a C in the class since I'm taking it pass/fail and the only way to get a passing grade is to get at least a C. I'm only taking it P/F because its my last semester in school and I have four other, much harder classes that are all in my major. If I get A's in all of them, I should be able to get my major GPA up to about a 3.8, which will be great since its my last semester.

    Speaking of it being my last semester, the countdown is officially ON! As of today, I have 30 days left!!!! I can't believe college is almost over. Crazy, huh?

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    what a great day

    Ever realized why someone is your best friend? I did today. My best friend Leah, who just gave birth to a baby girl a couple of months ago, invited me over to her new house to hang out while her husband was painting their bedroom. The doggie got to run around the backyard, and I got to hang around with her and the baby in an empty house. Sounds boring, but it was great. I changed the baby, fed her, and overall just hung out on a mattress that's in the living room (because they're not moving in until next weekend). I think I realized that a good friend is just someone you can hang around with at any time, any place, and even though there might not be anything to do, you're still entertained just by virtue of being around each other. It's sappy, I know, but its true, and all you cynics out there know its true. ;-)

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    drinking is bad

    Drinking sucks. Being hung over sucks. I could so use a Bloody Mary right now, but unfortunately, I'm not getting one until tomorrow. Instead of a Bloody Mary, I'm gonna get screaming baby. My best friend, her two and a half month old, my dog and I are all going over to her new house (which she hasn't moved into yet) to paint. I doubt that the dog and the baby will get much done, but oh well.

    Ugh. Gotta go get ready. Head is pounding.

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    going out

    I've been working on this blog for way too long today. Neighbor will and I are going to have some drinks. Yummmmy....booze.

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    new home

    Whew! I just finished deciding which links I could fit into this layout. By the way, doncha like it?

    Funny, this is the third home of The Girl. I started out on Angelfire, got kicked off for remote loading (b/c I'm an idiot), moved to Blog City, which was great and really fit my needs, that is until I decided that I wanted a cool layout for my blog. So that's why I'm here. Thanks to village photos for hosting the images on this site, and thanks to May Star Designs for the template!

    So, for those of you who are new...and I'm going to assume that number includes the vast majority of you...WELCOME! I'm sure you're gonna find that my blog is kind of all over the place. I write a lot about political/social issues, such as a woman's right to choose and other liberal issues. I am a supporter of Howard Dean for President, and I think George W. Bush is the worst thing to happen to this country since we elected Nixon. Or Reagan. Take your pick.

    Besides political issues, I write a lot about my life in general. I'm 22 years old and I'm graduating from college in (count 'em!) 32 days! Then I'm going the oh-so-cool-big-girl thing and moving back in with my parents in New Jersey. Oh yeah, I currently live right outside of Washington, DC in beautiful Arlington, Virginia. I write a lot about my boy conquests (although my life has been ridiculously boring on that front lately, but when I have news to report, you'll be the first to hear....okay, not the first, you're cool, but you're not my best friend) and my drinking expeditions (not that I have that many of those either).

    I'm new to blogspot so its going to take me a little while to figure everything out, such as how to link up my posts on the side bar and how to get my archives there as well. When I figure it out, I'll get it done, and this place won't look such a mess. Tootles!

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    So, I'm in the process of moving my site from Blog City to Blog Spot. Check out the girl at its current home here.

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