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4 Days, 2 Books...

I finished The Da Vinci Code. If you haven't read it, the ending is surprising, to say the least. But it makes perfect sense. I was so intrigued by everything in the book about the Priory of Sion, that I went to a website to find out more about it. It's called Priory of Sion: The Facts, The Theories, The Mystery and its got a pretty complete history of all this stuff. I don't understand how I could never have known that there was a group of people in the world that believe that Christ was married to Mary Magdalene and the she bore his child (after he was crucified, she was pregnant at the crucifixion, or so the story goes) and that she, not the legendary chalice, is the Holy Grail, along with a group of documents which serve as proof of the line of descendants of Jesus and Mary Magdalene. How is it that it is so well-documented (not the Grail itself, I get that no one knows where that is), and so many people have written about it, and yet so few people know? Hmm. I'm definitely very interested in this. Perhaps I'm just a conspiracy theorist at heart. Whatever the case, I'm going to take a nap and then do some (bleh)homework.

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