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I'm really bad...I decided not to go to class today. I don't know why I decided not to go, but I just didn't feel like it. Instead I can work on my briefs for Gender and the Law for tomorrow. They're really short Title IX cases on athletics. Shouldn't be too difficult. I'm feeling pretty guilty about not going to class though. Dunno why, just am. Now that I'm doing well in the class (well better anyway) I just decided not to torture myself with that evil witch's mumbo jumbo. She's not really evil, just a really really bad professor. Oh well.

Tonight is my last night at work, my last night working with Sammy. He's my pretend crush from work. He gives the best hugs and really is the sweetest kid ever (when I say kid, I mean its because he's almost 2 years younger than me). I'm gonna miss him so much. It was weird...last night, both he and Justin, the guy from home, were in my dream. But it was Sammy that I ended up kissing in my dream, and Justin's the one that I've actually hooked up with in real life. Strange, huh? Anyone want to analyze my dreams for me?

Right, you can't, because I haven't gotten the damn comments working yet.

posted by Lauren@ 2:00 PM


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