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A big ole rant

Wow, I just found an incredible blog. Its called After Abortion and its remarkably good. At first I thought it was a pro-life site which, as a woman who has had an abortion, pissed me off, but then I read a post that was decidedly pro-choice so now I think it might just be looking at both sides of the issue. However, all you pro-choice peeps out there really need to go and post some comments because its all Jesus freaks posting comments about how abortion is infanticide and murder and all sorts of other good bullshit that makes my blood boil. And I'm not sorry for calling them Jesus freaks. They are. Read their comments. Honestly, I don't give a shit who's a Jesus freak and who's not. I don't give a shit whether or not your moral system tells you that abortion is A-OK or that its not. Have you views. Have you morals. Keep your Jesus out of my government. He doesn't belong there, especially not in a country that's so diverse. Seriously, I'm a girl whose mom is Jewish and dad is Catholic. I have an uncle who's a priest and a great uncle who was a rabbi. I know Jews who have married Muslims. I know Buddhists and Confucianists and Taoists and Hindus, all living right here in America. So really, do you think its fucking fair to bring your Jesus into my government just because the people in power happen to be overwhelmingly Protestant? You know what? Just go start preaching to members of your congregation. Spread your morals among your followers. Don't make me live by your rules in my house. That's just unfair, and unreasonable and a whole bunch of other "un"s. Leave it alone. Leave me and all other women like me alone.

P.S. Just kidding. Spent some more time on the site and its definitely pro-life. And religious. Or at least she's religious. I dunno. The point is, its actually still a good site, even if run by a anti-abortion Jesus freak. She still gives both sides. See, I can be fair!

posted by Lauren@ 12:10 AM


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