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Fun Times

I just got back from going to the restaurant with Rachael for a couple of drinks. We had a great time. I think I'm gonna end up working there again after I move home and I'm looking for a job. I just hope that Justin doesn't end up training me. I don't think he's one of their trainers, but he could be, and that would be bad. Maybe in 3 weeks it won't matter as much. Besides, one of their bartenders quit like a week ago, so I might be able to bartend there instead of serve. I would really prefer to bartend and one of my friends from there who's a bartender said that he heard the managers talking about hiring a bartender from outside so they wouldn't have to train somebody from scratch. That would be nice. I'm almost starting to dislike Justin. It's weird. I don't dislike him dislike him (if that makes any sense). Like, I don't dislike his personality or him as a person, I just dislike that he never called me back after all that bullshit he said. I totally get that at this point I've come across as a total psycho, but prior to the drunk dial of the other night, I wasn't really a psycho, so I dislike that he never called me back then. Does that make sense? Oh, who cares? I'm drunk and I need to go to bed. Oh, I forgot the great thing I did the other day. I deleted Justin's phone number from my phone. It saves him the annoyance and me the embarassment. Now even when I want to call him I can't. Thank God for that.

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