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Home is good

Got home for Thanksgiving yesterday at around 3:30pm. Hung around with the fam, had some eats, walked the pup, unpacked my shit and then eventually went out at about 10pm. I thought maybe I would see Justin, since he was working last night, but when I got to the restaurant he had already left. So I went with a buddy to have a few at Friday's where I ran into my friend Becky who had a kid about 3 months ago. She was working. She wanted to go out, since her mom had the baby last night, but considering I had already stolen $20 from the rents earlier b/c I have no $$, I thought spending the $9 I had left after two drinks would be a shitty idea. So I went home and went to bed. Now I gotta go get dressed b/c we're gonna have lunch. Who cares that I only got up like an hour ago and had 2 bowls of cereal. Lata.

posted by Lauren@ 12:27 PM


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