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Love Actually

Went to see Love Actually with a friend yesterday. I loved it! When it ended, I asked her if I could see it again. For a British movie, that was nice and feel-good. Except for Emma Thompson's character of course. It's okay, because everytime I see Alan Rickman I think of Professor Snape from Harry Potter. He plays such a great Snape.

Anyway, the movie was just wonderful. Whenever I see Hugh Grant, I think about how nice it would be to come home and find him lying in my bed. Ahhhh. He's just too cute. Those dimples! It's too much.

I may run into Justin tonight, although I sincerely hope not. If I see him, unless he ignores me, which would be fine, he can't really ignore that I left a completely dumbass message. I'm hoping not to see him, and then by the time that I see him when I move home (b/c remember, we have a lot of the same friends...its not if I see him, its when) at the end of next month, we can safely just ignore my dumbass phone call and move on with our lives. Please God let this happen. Anyway, its off to finish The Da Vinci Code. I'm almost done with it, to my uncle's chagrin, since he's reading it too but its taken him much longer. Tee hee.

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