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Dude, yesterday sucked. I woke up with a tiny hangover, nothing serious. I went out to have my Sunday morning Bloody Mary, which was calling my name a little louder than usual after I'd been drunk on Saturday night. So I go out, I have my Bloody Mary, I eat my brunch, and I go home. I jump into the bathtub because after carrying the baby up and down six flights of steps a bunch of times the day before, my muscles really could have used some relaxation. After I got out of the bath everything went downhill. I fell asleep in my bed with my bathrobe and towel still on. When I woke up, I got dressed and plopped myself down on the couch. The internet refused to work. I hate when it does that. So I turned on the TV and alternated between VH1's Top 100 1-Hit Wonders and the Real World (by the way, how totally hot is Ace?). I started to feel a little icky, so I made myself some food and layed back down on the couch. Yeah, so that didn't work. A couple of hours later I puked. I hate throwing up. Then I slept for an hour before Charmed came on (you don't know about my Charmed obsession do you?) Charmed was soooooo good last night. I think that Chris might be Wyatt's younger brother. I'm so happy that we know that he's half witch and whitelighter and now we know the reason he came back from the future. Still don't totally understand why he scattered Leo's orbs though. Hmmm. Whatever. So after Law & Order Criminal Intent I attempted to go to bed, and then I puked again. Only, there was nothing in my stomach, so it was mostly dry heaving. Then I got hungry, but I had no food, so I went to sleep. Now I have to walk the dog and get my ass over to the grocery store because I am STARVING.

posted by Lauren@ 11:04 AM


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