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Skipping Class

I love skipping class. Of course, I need to do laundry. In a major way. I actually shouldn't even be blogging right now, I should be moving shit from the washer to the dryer. Between today and well...today, I have to pack up everything I can that needs to be taken back to my parents' house so that I'll have less to pack when I need to move out for good (happens in 24 days, which means, btw, that officially, my graduation from college is only 22 days away!). So yeah, I'm procrastinating just a little. I hate packing. And I have to get the plastic storage containers out of my car, where they've been sitting since I brought them here at the end of October. Am I lazy? Nah. Okay, yeah, a little. Ok shit, a lot!

Off to do the laundry. Oy. I fucking hate folding clothes. Is there anything more annoying? I can think of only one thing that's worse: unloading the dishwasher.

posted by Lauren@ 2:11 PM


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