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Stenciling Sucks!

Today I spent the day with my best friend stenciling a border in her daughter's bedroom in their new house. Luckily, the baby was at her aunt's house. Having an 11 week-old around would have made a bad day even worse. And I LOVE that baby. I'd like to make a couple of points about the process of stenciling:
1. It sucks.
2. If you're contemplating doing it yourself, don't. Hire a painter. Save yourself the headache. Trust me.
3. If you decide to do it yourself, get a ladder. Wobbly stools do not work.
4. Make sure you have enough stencils. After a while, you can't get the detail anymore with just one or two.
5. Plan ahead. Bring scissors. Bring water (to drink). Wear old clothes (I did do this, I'm not a total moron, just wanted to remind you, in case you are a total moron).

Trust me, its not a great process. We got half of the room done and we have to finish it tomorrow. My back aches. My head hurts from the paint fumes.

On the bright side (of life), I get to babysite the little one on Saturday while her parents move. I can't wait. I'm telling you, I'm obsessed with that kid. I love her to death. Seeing as I have no children, I guess I just didn't realize how much you could adore a child. Even one that's not your own. She's gonna call me Aunt Lauren, although I don't think she's gonna be talking for quite a while. I so totally have baby fever.

posted by Lauren@ 9:42 PM


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