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I just wrote almost an entire post, pouring my heart out to the entire internet, and I forgot to save it. Am I a moron or what? Don't answer, its a rhetorical question.

Yeah. So, what I was saying before I proved to myself that I really am quite dumb, is that I'm not that dumb. I got a 96% on my Forms of the Sacred test (my religion class) which is awesome since I got a C- on the last one and I really need to get at least a C in the class since I'm taking it pass/fail and the only way to get a passing grade is to get at least a C. I'm only taking it P/F because its my last semester in school and I have four other, much harder classes that are all in my major. If I get A's in all of them, I should be able to get my major GPA up to about a 3.8, which will be great since its my last semester.

Speaking of it being my last semester, the countdown is officially ON! As of today, I have 30 days left!!!! I can't believe college is almost over. Crazy, huh?

posted by Lauren@ 5:24 PM


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