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what a great day

Ever realized why someone is your best friend? I did today. My best friend Leah, who just gave birth to a baby girl a couple of months ago, invited me over to her new house to hang out while her husband was painting their bedroom. The doggie got to run around the backyard, and I got to hang around with her and the baby in an empty house. Sounds boring, but it was great. I changed the baby, fed her, and overall just hung out on a mattress that's in the living room (because they're not moving in until next weekend). I think I realized that a good friend is just someone you can hang around with at any time, any place, and even though there might not be anything to do, you're still entertained just by virtue of being around each other. It's sappy, I know, but its true, and all you cynics out there know its true. ;-)

posted by Lauren@ 5:09 PM


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