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Yay! I added a counter to the bottom of my page so I might be able to see whether or not people love me. Still working on getting the comments to work. Hmmmph! I thought about moving back to blog city, just because of the fact that people seem to read my blog over there, but then again, I figure it will just take some time for people to find me over here.

Obviously I sort of have my internet working. I called Comcast this morning and the lady said that I could stop over at their office for a new modem (for free!) which I might do, depending on how long this one decides to stay on this time. If it doesn't stay on very long, new modem it is. I would go immediately, but since I'm moving out in a month, its kinda not worth it. Anyway, I should get going. Gotta walk Henry and head off to school.

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