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I am so glad that the week is finally over. You have no idea. I don't even know why I'm writing now, I'm so damn tired. Oy.

I get to go home for Thanksgiving on Tuesday, and even earlier than I thought I would. I was planning on leaving after my second class, but my prof in that class is only showing a movie, and he actually reminded us that attendance was not required for the course. That sealed it for me. Seeing as I'm skipping two classes that day, I would skip the first one too and just go home Monday but we're gonna get our papers back for my Justice Research class on Tuesday and I really want to know how I did. I have the highest grade in that class right now, but seeing as its only a 92.4 or something, I want to be able to relax over the break knowing that I have an A on the paper and that my grade is safely in the A and not A- range. Am I a nerd? Totally. But I'm damn proud of it.

Babysitting the little one tomorrow (my niece), while her Mommy and Daddy move, so I gotta hit the sack and prepare to give 4 hours of undivided attention to a 2 1/2 month old.

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