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The adventure continues...

Logically, I know I've made progress on my apartment. But everytime I look at it, it just looks more cluttered. I mean, I have a ton of stuff thrown away or packed, but there's just so much shit. And I have to have it all packed by tomorrow night. It's not gonna happen tonight, because I'm getting ready to go to my graduation party! I'm wearing my new jeans and a cute shirt, all that's left to do is put on my makeup.

I thought I wouldn't have money to go out tonight, but somehow the money fairy visited me this month. Besides the extra $800 that I had my mom put in for the move (and yes, in case you were wondering, I am aware that I'm spoiled), it seems that my rent check hasn't been cashed. That's really weird because they usually do it a couple of days after I give it to them. I'm not gonna complain though, if they prefer to give me a little $1200 Christmas pregnant, that's their business and I thank them from the bottom of my heart (but to myself, not to them).

So, my ex-boyfriend Josh might be coming to my party tonight. I'm actually really excited to see him. We weren't a great couple, but he's a great guy. I haven't seen him in forever. I just hope my other ex Al doesn't show up. Those two don't like each other that much (or at all). Plus, I have like no interest at all in seeing Al. He needs to grow up... Man, when I think about all the time I wasted with him and all the nice guys I could have met while wasting all that time with him... Whatever, I invited him, but I hope he doesn't show up. Or if he does, that he shows up with his girlfriend. I hate her and now that I'm moving I have nothing to lose by telling her exactly what I think of her. Which is mainly that she's an over-the-hill moron who's wasting her time with a complete shithead who not only doesn't love her, but who is never going to marry her. That and if she ever calls me again I'll get a restraining order (she used to have a little problem with calling me and telling me not to go near her man...barf). Anyway, I'm gonna think happier thoughts and go make myself look stunning for my party.

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