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Boys Suck

I hate boys. My sister's boyfriend was supposed to come over for New Year's Eve tonight and hang out with her but when my dad and my sister went to pick him up after work, she got a text message that said that he couldn't come. So she tried to call him, but his cell was turned off and there was no answer at home. She was, and is, really upset. I don't know if his parents didn't want him spending the night here or what, but its just so typical of a guy to tell you something you don't want to hear and then make himself completely unavailable in terms of giving an explanation. Now her night is ruined. I feel so bad for her. If she was 21 I'd take her out with me, but the party I'm going to is 21+ only. She's not even 18 yet so she doesn't have any kind of ID. This is why I hate guys. They ruin shit right at the last minute and make it impossible for you to make plans that don't include them. Ugh, they suck.

posted by Lauren@ 7:18 PM


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