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Just a college graduate stuck waitressing with a love of journaling.

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Doncha like the new layout? I think I really do. It's very simple, but I think it suits me. Thanks to *maystar designs for the new look, and thanks to blogskins.com for helping me find it. I'm so freaking tired. Have I mentioned that yet today? Oh shit, I just remembered that Wednesday is my parents' 25th anniversary. I didn't get them anything. I'm such a bad daughter. But I'm totally broke. If only they knew that I was totally broke, but then they'd have a reason to yell at me, and trust me, getting lectured about finances by my parents is not fun.

Has anyone seen the new look of Hotmail? It's pretty cool.

Okay, I should get to editing this enormous paper that my group has due on Friday. Apparently we have 18 sources! And that's without mine, b/c I haven't added them yet. With mine, its gonna be 20! I can't fucking believe it. We are so gonna get an A.

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