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Dude, can you believe that they captured Saddam? First of all, what kind of moron would stay in his hometown for this long? Secondly, while I'm happy that we found him (sorta...I disagreed with the war anyway, but hopefully this will help us get out of there sooner and our troops can home home), I'm afraid that this means Bush is going to be re-elected. Which is the worst possible outcome I can think of. I hope they don't do anything bad to him. Not that I think he's a good man or anything even remotely close to that, but I almost feel bad for him. Have you seen the pictures of him? He looks so old and sad. At least they say that he's cooperating with the authorities.

I'm really kind of weirded out by Saddam's capture. Oh well, I gotta go have a Bloody Mary.

posted by Lauren@ 12:00 PM


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