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I have rediscovered the horrors of packing. I've made progress. Sort of. I have 3 boxes packed. I packed all my videos, most of my old textbooks, my desk stuff (not including my computer obviously, this is why I love having a laptop), and the majority of my glassware. I've also started packing my towels, but seeing as I have the smallest clothes dryer known to man, its a slow process in terms of getting everything clean. I don't think I bought enough boxes either, but I'm going to wait until I only have 1-2 left before I go to get more. I still have tomorrow, Wednesday and Thursday to pack. Holy shit that's only 3 days! Man, this sucks. I've never had to do all the packing all by myself. I don't like it. I don't like it AT ALL. Back to the packing/organizing/laundry-doing/bullshitting in front of the television. Tootles.

P.S. Check back later to see if I've gone nuts yet.

posted by Lauren@ 12:05 AM


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