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Finally Back Online!

After several unsuccessful attempts, my dad and I finally got the wireless router working, so now I'm connected to the internet from my room! This is very exciting because my sister is a big fat computer hog. Okay, so she's not fat, but she's a computer hog. Today I have my orientation at the restaurant. I guess they figure that since I've been away for three years I might have forgotten where the kitchen is or something. Whatever, its not a big deal. I actually have to go put on my makeup now, and then I can put on the adorable hat I got from the Gap yesterday for $10.00! I look really freakin cute in it (if I do say so myself). Life is good, and now that I have the internet I'm sure I'll be able to survive the next year and a half at home with the rents.

posted by Lauren@ 1:38 PM


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