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Holy Shit!

Wow, I've never been afraid of my dog (i.e. my parent's dog) until tonight. He almost bit me twice. He was sleeping on my bed and I tried to get him into my brother's room and he almost bit me for no good reason, except possibly that I unceremoniously yanked him off of my bed and all that and then I went to pet him when he settled down on his bed in the hall and he started barking and snapping at me again. I would say, duh, I interrupted his sleep, but this is a dog that doesn't care about that shit...he sleeps like 23 hours a day. Honestly, I wonder if he's just getting old and cranky. He's almost 8. I dunno, but I'm not gonna think about it tonight. Time for bed with my nice, non-snapping little Beagle mix.

posted by Lauren@ 2:23 AM


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