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I hate insomnia. It's 3:10 AM and I cannot sleep. This sucks. I've been able to sleep late all week b/c of reading days and stuff, but I have to be up at like 9 tomorrow (today). Okay, I could technically sleep until 9:45 but I need to get all my books ready to sell back and I don't want to chance being late for my final. I would take some Benadryl or something, but at this point it'll just make it too hard for me to get up in the morning. I wish I was tired, but I'm not. I'm fucking wide awake. Maybe I'll just have a cigarette and watch TV for like 20 before trying to get to sleep again. Man, fuck me for sleeping until like noon every day this week. I'm so fucking dumb sometimes.

posted by Lauren@ 3:12 AM


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