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I have been working all f-ing day on this stupid Gender final. I read some of the questions to my mom, and she was like "well, you didn't really want to graduate from college did you?" That's definitely how I feel about this. I've written my answer to the first question and outlined my answers with all the relevant information for the next two and I'm stuck on the fourth one. Thank goodness she offered us up to 30 points extra credit, or I think I would drive myself nuts trying to figure out a way to guarantee myself an A. Of course, Sonia still has my notebook and so has the benefit of all my class notes, but she and I are meeting on Tuesday to discuss the cases (not the final itself, since we're not allowed to) so I'll be able to get it back then. So far I've been okay without my notes, because I have the List of Cases that the prof gave us as well as all the briefs that I've written over the course of the semester, and the book, and I'm allowed to use electronic legal resources, but seeing as I'm not a law student, I don't really know where to find them.

I keep seeing these commercials for Trista and Ryan's wedding and what I want to know is this: who cares? I mean, I'm glad that they're getting married and all, but seriously, could you possibly sell yourself out any more? It really disgusts me.

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