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I think I've recovered nicely from yesterday's little nervous breakdown. I went to Leah's today and spent time with her and the baby and then came home at around 4pm and worked on my other exams for about two hours, after which I went to Sonia's house to work on the Gender final. We actually got everything done. Now I'm working on the extra credits for it, which aren't too hard. Except that the 2nd one has some bullshit about how the Bill of Rights played a part in the court's rationale in these two cases. Not too hard, except that the first case does not even fucking MENTION the Bill of Rights. In fact, it talks about the Alaskan Constitution (since the case is from Alaska). So what the fuck? Am I supposed to make some bullshit up? Anyway, I'm a little annoyed b/c its gonna be kind of hard to get the points if the question doesn't even make sense. Ugh, this woman. I swear. Whatever, I'll get through it.

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