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Well, I'm officially a resident of New Jersey again. It actually feels pretty good. Jeb and I moved me out on Friday and then last night we went at had dinner at the restaurant I used to work at (and come the first week in January, will work at again). I got hammered. Totally totally hammered. Justin was there, and I think he thought that Jeb and I were on a date. Funny, because he kept a pretty close eye on Jeb the entire night. Hehe. I hate boys. Justin looked at cute as ever (to me, Jeb didn't think he was cute, but then again I think just about all of Jeb's boyfriends are butt ugly) although his hair could have been a little better. But anyway, I'm going to try very hard not to obsess over it. Now I gotta go out shopping for my dad and grandma's Xmas gifts. Tootles.

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