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On my way out the door, about to start a relaxing weekend. I hope. I'm having drinks with Michaella and Jeb, then coming home and sleeping (hopefully like a baby). I'm gonna take a look at my study guide tomorrow, but if it doesn't look too hard then I'm gonna put it off until Sunday. Ooooh, finally a new episode of Charmed this Sunday. I've been dying to know what's going to happen ever since the last episode a couple of weeks ago when they found out that Chris is half whitelighter and half witch. I really feel like he must be related to Piper and Leo (perhaps the baby that Piper is going to be carrying since Holly Marie Combs is preggers?). Okay, enough of my Charmed psycho-bullshit. I know I'm obsessed with the show, but really, I don't know why, but it relaxes me.

Off to get my drink on. Only one test left and then I can say sayonara to my college experience!

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