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Packing progress...

Okay, kitchen is almost done. I just have to figure out what to do with my olive oil, vinegar and vegetable oil. My desk is half empty, I just have to pack the CDs and other stuff (i.e. junk). I still have to pack all my clothes, which is going to be the hardest task for two reasons: (1) I have an enormous amount of clothes. The amount of clothing that I have baffles me. (2) They overflow my dresser, closet, comfy chair, there are clothes on the bathroom floor, there are clothes overflowing the laundry basket, there are clothes all over the place, including the floor. I have managed to get a good amount of them clean, which I have folded nicely and put on the shelf in my closet since I already packed my purses, which is what usually inhabits that space. I also have no clue what I'm going to pack my shoes in. I've learned in the past not to pack shoes in boxes, which leaves a bag, but I don't know if I have a bag that's big enough, and if I don't, I don't think I have enough bags to fit all my shoes in. I have a lot of shoes too.

I was supposed to go see my shrink this morning, but his secretary called and said that he was out sick today, which really blows because I need more Adderall, especially since I don't have a shrink in New Jersey yet. So I'm seeing him tomorrow for 15 minutes just to get a prescription.

Gotta get my ass in gear.

posted by Lauren@ 12:53 PM


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