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So Friggin' Tired

Just got back from my 3+ hour drive from NJ. I left around 9am. That sucked. I didn't hit any traffic, but I hate driving, so I still wanted to kill myself. While I was waiting in line to pay one of the tolls, this old lady rear ended this girl in a 4Runner, and I thought to myself...COME ON! You're going like 3 mph! How can you possibly be so stupid as to stay that close? If I were that girl I would have been pissed. Not that there was any damage to her car. I also saw TWO hearses on the drive. I always think its weird to see a hearse on the highway. But I do always turn my headlights on as a sign of respect. I'm weird like that. Anyway, gotta disconnect the computer again and get ready to go to class, then a group meeting for the project we have due on Friday. After that I can come home and VEG. Although what I should do is call moving and storage companies and all that shit since I'm moving in oh...18 days (17 if you don't count today OR the day I'm moving). And since my last final is the 16th and I'm moving on the 19th, I gotta get my ass in gear. I hate moving, but good God I can't wait until I get out of this shithole apartment.

posted by Lauren@ 12:59 PM


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