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This is it. I'm almost done. In about 3 hours I have my first final, which I feel really prepared for, then tomorrow I've got my Public Policy final and I have to email the Take Home from Hell to the prof. I only ended up doing the first extra credit, I'm just gonna write her a note about the second one. Other than the fact that all of a sudden I feel unbelievably tired, I'm doing pretty well.

I got some grades back finally, which makes me happy. My Public Policy group got a 96 on our paper, and I got a 19/20 on my Religion paper. So things are going well. I'm so sleeepy right now though, I just want it all to be over. Hard to believe that in a week I'm gonna be driving back to NJ, ready to move back in with my family, college degree in hand (well, not in hand exactly, but it the mail at least). Its WEIRD. And if I didn't have ridiculously horrible cramps right now, I'd be really happy about it. Anyway, can't type anymore....tooo tiiiiired.

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