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    quote of the day--directional difficulties

    "And...it's gettin' worse. That's what people have gotta understand up there in Washington, or over there in Washington, down there in Washington, wherever--thought I was in Crawford for a minute."

    George W. Bush
    January 16, 2003
    Referring to increases in the cost of medical malpractice insurance. Speaking in Scranton, Pennsylvania (north and slightly east of Washington, D.C.).

    I suppose I can forgive this one, considering the President does do a great deal of traveling. However, you have to admit that the quote doesn't really make Bush sound like the brightest man on the planet, or at least not the man with the best sense of direction.

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    winter wonderland my butt

    Today was an iffy kind of day. It snowed a couple inches last night, all the schools had a 90 minute delay this morning, and lunch at work was D-E-A-D. I made $14. After work I headed over to Barnes & Noble and paid more than I made today for an LSAT prep book. I've decided on a prep course, but it doesn't start until April and I want to get a headstart on it. Anyway, my ear is still clogged from my sawdust allergy and I'm feeling a little on the fatigued side, but I think that might just be because I've refused to get out of bed since I got home. It's just the most comfortable place to read. I have to work a double tomorrow, so hopefully I'll make at least $100. I could really use the cash, especially after spending almost $35 on that book today.

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    i'm not really a waitress

    I found the perfect nail polish color: it's called I'm Not Really A Waitress. That's obviously just wishful thinking, as I go back to the grind tomorrow. This is going to be a busy week. I'm working tomorrow morning, a double on Tuesday, double on Wednesday, Thursday off, double Friday, Saturday off, Sunday morning and a double a week from Monday. I just hope that my schedule is somewhat similar next week, or that perhaps my boss gives me two days off in a row. Then again, its nice not to have to go five days straight with no time off, especially when one is working what sometimes turn out to be 10-12 hour days.

    I accomplished something really major today. I deposited $230 in the bank. I deposited the $134 from yesterday and then I picked up my paycheck, which turned out to be $96 and I deposited that too. So now my savings account is beginning to get a little bit fatter again, at this point tipping the scales at a measly $600, but if I accomplish my goal of saving $250 every week then it won't be long before I'm rolling in it. Yay. I like rolling in it. But you know what I like even more than rolling in it?

    Shopping with it.

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    Puppy Love

    Dude, how cute is this? An adorable picture of my puppy (who is almost 2 so not really a puppy, but he really looks like one in this picture doesn't he?) in his winter sweater. And no, I was not the one to purchase him a sweater. I generally think dogs in sweaters look pretty dumb, but this is just too cute for words (and yet I have so many, lol).

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    Boy, my attitude must really be getting to my customers, because I made $130 last night. It was nice to have a night like that. I don't remember ever making that much when I used to work there. I think the most I ever made was $160 in one day but that was when I worked a double. I had a pretty good section last night, and my tables all really liked me so I'm happy. I'm thinking of cooking some of my famous from-scratch pasta sauce tonight, but I think I'll wait until the 'rents get home before going and buying all the ingredients. No point cooking that much if no one's gonna eat it.

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    Asshole comments

    On October 20, 2003, I posted an entry to my first blog over at Blog City. A few days ago I got a comment on that entry that really made me mad. Here is the entry, the comment, and my response to it.

    Sarcastic Hints On Tipping
    Here's a few hints on tipping, straight from the bartender who left with a whopping $7 in her pocket tonight.

    Hint #1:

    This is for all you foreigners out there. Bartenders/servers in America DO NOT MAKE JACK SHIT PER HOUR. Hence, you need to tip them 15-20% of your bill. ALWAYS. THERE ARE NO EXCEPTIONS (unless you have unbelievable bad, rude service).

    Hint #2:

    When the restaurant accidently makes a boo boo and forgets your reservation, forcing you to spend a few minutes at the bar, and during this time you order drinks and an appetizer, and then the restaurant comps your drinks and appetizer, do not mistake this as us really being nice. We are trying to keep your business. Also, drop a tip to the bartender. "We took care of it for you" is NOT restaurant speak for "Please be a cheap bastard and walk away without leaving at least a five on the bar." Rather, it is restaurant speak for "We're dumbasses who forgot your reservation and now we're trying to get you not to hate us and make it so that you come back one day. But do the right thing and leave the bartender a tip, because he or she did actually do work for you, whether or not you actually ended up paying for it."

    Hint #3:

    Don't just leave a dollar per drink. This is great for the bartender when you have only ordered 3 drinks and the total probably did not come to $15, but it really sucks when you order like 10 drinks and the bill definitely comes to more than $50. ALWAYS TIP 15-20% OF YOUR BILL. THERE ARE NO EXCEPTIONS.

    I hope that has cleared some things up for the tip-retarded out there. Really, is it that big of a hassle to tip your server or bartender for the work that they have done. Oh yeah, one final pet peeve of mine. 20% of $74.50 is NOT $14! (this is just an example) Did your 5th grade teacher not teach you how to do percentages? Say you're really stupid. So, here you go, I'll do the math for you. 10% of $74.50 is $7.45. DOUBLE IT. That makes $14.90 and are you really so cheap that you won't throw in an extra 10 cents? The point is, you don't just take 10% of the first number and double it, you take 10% of the WHOLE NUMBER, DECIMAL POINT INCLUDED and double it. Got it? Good. Don't do it again.

    Comment from Steve
    There are exceptations to tipping 15-20%. For very poor or rude service you tip nothing. For extremely good service, you might tip more than 20%. So, your wrong when you say there are no exceptions.

    People from other cultures may not be familiar with tipping. You can educate them with a little more sensitivity than you show on this blog. Wouldn't you want the same consideration if you traveled to another country?

    This blog gives the impression of a nasty, arrogant, bitter, and generally unfriendly person. Your contempt for the customer is palatable. If you come across that way to your customers in the bar, it's no wonder that you don't get any tips. You catch more flies with honey. A lot of times those who fake being nice begin to see the world in a more positive way and then end up being genuinely nice. The world suddenly seems brighter. Tips will come pouring in, you can count on that. It's nothing magically, it's just a matter of perpective. You create your own reality to a larger degree than you think.

    For the next month I want you to start putting a positive spin on everything, assume the best about everyone. Find something you genuinely like about each customer. Don't dwell on anything negative and don't let a bad tipper affect your view of other customers. Fake being nice if you have to, but after the positive feedback come in, you won't be faking anymore. Give this a genuine and honest try. Remember, positive energy! In a month, put an entry on this blog and tell what happened...


    My Reply to Steve
    First of all, I am truly insulted by your comment. You think I come off as arrogant? Look in the mirror buddy. Secondly, you have no idea about my outlook on life and it is totally inappropriate for you to assume that I am a naturally negative person. Actually, I'm a pretty positive person who really enjoys bartending/waiting tables.

    Now, on to your comments about tipping. You say for very poor or rude service you might tip nothing. I don't subscribe to that line of thinking and neither do a lot of people, especially people who work in the industry. Personally, I subscribe to the thought that if you have poor or rude service you should speak with the manager about that server. Tip them 10%,but if they're really that bad you should let someone know about it.

    About foreigners, you say I should educate them with a little more sensitivity. This blog was a rant. It was not actually meant for foreigners to read and take as a lesson in tipping. When I go to a foreign country and I don't know how to tip my waitperson I ask what is appropriate. My comment was not meant to seem ethnocentric (although I'm sure you will tell me that it came across that way and that I should adjust my attitude accordingly), it was only meant to point out that people from other countries should not make assumptions about the proper way to tip in this country.

    Clearly I was having a bad night when I wrote this, although that subtlety seems to have flown way above your head. And now, after reading your comment, I'm not having such a good day. If we knew each other that would be one thing, but your comment is so full of assumptions about me that its laughable. I won't even dignify the rest of your comments about me and my bad attitude with a response. I do hope you come back in a month and read this comment so you can read the part where I tell you that your pompousness makes me ill. Fuck you Steve, and get a life instead of spending your time commenting on others.


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    nitey nite

    Just a quick note before I go to sleep. I just wanted to express how much I love having a wireless adapter thingy. I love being able to sit on my bed with my computer in my lap and access whatever website I want. It is so cool. I should do it more often, but more often than not I just leave my computer connected to the mouse and speakers and printer sitting on my desk. Still, its pretty cool that I can even do that, considering the fact that the actual cable modem is downstairs in the den. Anywho, gotta be at work at 10 tomorrow so I should hit the hay. Nitey nite to all.

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    trying again...

    I have a bit more energy now to retype the post that blogger so unceremoniously deleted earlier. What I was saying was that the past two days have been pretty good. On Tuesday morning I worked my first shift on the floor with a full section, which was nice, although I didn't make all that much money. Still, I can make do with a $30.00 lunch. Then on Tuesday evening my parents and I went out to dinner at the restaurant, partly because my mom is very excited about the 50% that I get for being an employee, and partly because all our kitchen cabinets are being redone so we have very little in the way of a kitchen at the moment. After dinner I went and met my friends Scott, Justin and Jason at Fridays for a couple of drinks, but when Jason's ex-girlfriend literally threatened to kill him we decided to head to another bar. We ended up at this place called McGuinn's where we ran into Lil and Scott sang 5 karoake songs. He was actually pretty good. Scott is definitely one of those jack-of-all-trades types, but he's a ton of fun. Justin is hilarious, never a dull moment with him. And there is definitely never a dull moment with Jason because he seems to always have some ex that wants to kill him. My guess is that a lot of it is his fault, but even so, he's a lovable guy. And very, very, very hot. Very.

    Last night I worked in cocktails, which was very busy for a Wednesday night due to the fact that we had about a million reservations for large parties of 10 or more. I made about $65 so I was pretty happy. After work everyone (and I do mean everyone) went over to Fridays since it was Pilar's last night. I'm gonna miss her. I spent most of the night talking to Jen, Emily, Meg, Steph and Lil, but I had some interesting conversations with Sean and one of the hostesses whose name I can't remember.

    Today I have the whole day off, so I went to the bank, the gas station, Victoria's Secret (to replace the bra that the dog chewed through) and now I'm doing laundry. Fun day, huh? I'm just glad that I don't have to work today.

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    i hate blogger

    Blogger just deleted a very long post! I'm going to kill it! WAAAAAAAAHHHHHHH!

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    quote of the day

    We expect Saddam Hussein, for the sake of peace, to disarm. That's the question.

    George W. Bush
    January 14, 2003
    Speaking to the press in the Oval Office during a visit from Polish President Aleksander Kwasniewski

    Well thanks for clearing that up, Mr. President.

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    doggie talk

    I'm reading a very unusual and almost startingly good book right now called The Dogs of Babel by Carolyn Parkhurst. My mom picked it up from the library and realized when she got home that the author received her B.A. from Wesleyan University (where my brother goes to college), and her M.F.A. from American University (where I went to college).

    The book is about a man named Paul, whose wife dies in strange circumstances, with their dog as the only witness. So he embarks on this journey of doing experiments with the dog in an attempt to try to get her to communicate her story. It sounds preposterous, but the book is not so much about trying to teach a dog to talk as it is a story about a man's process of grieving. And the prose is almost poetic. I picked the book up after I got home from work yesterday, and I'll probably have it finished before I leave for work today, a total of less than 24 hours.

    This is definitely a book I would recommend, if only because its so unusual and based on the subject matter, the depth of this book is surprising, but in a very good way.

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    troubles in the best friend department

    Lately my best friend and I haven't been speaking. We didn't get into a fight or anything, we just haven't been talking that much. In the past year so many things have changed for both of us. She got together with her boyfriend about a year ago, rekindled a friendship with a girl we were both friends with in high school (but that I don't really have an interest in being more than acquaintances with), I graduated from college, I moved back here, her parents moved an hour and a half away from here. But her boyfriend and the aforementioned friend live only about a half hour away from here, and she spends the majority of her time with one of them. Or, I should say, the majority of her nights. My problem with all of this is that in the month that I've been home I've seen her twice. Once was to genuinely hang out. We went to the mall, saw a movie, had a really good time. Forget the fact that she cancelled twice before we finally hung out. The second time I picked her up at her car dealership when her car was being serviced and we hung out for a few hours at my house until I had to leave for work. I didn't speak to her again until this week, when I told her I had the flu. All my other friends called to see how I was doing later in the week, but she didn't. I know, this is making her sound like a bad friend. But she's not. Or at least she hasn't been in the past.

    I don't really know what to do. That's not totally true. I wrote her half an email about it, then deleted it before sending it after deciding that it was rude to email her about it before really trying to talk to her about it. The truth is that maybe I'm overreacting, and I believe that writing letters to people when they've hurt you should be the last resort, only to be used when no other method of communicating with them has worked. So I called and left her a message to call me when she got the message, but that I wanted to talk to her about something. I'll try not to factor in the speed with which she calls me back into my evaluation of the situation.

    I'm really frustrated by all of this. I don't know if perhaps my expectations were too high, that I was wrong to just assume that we would spend a lot of time together now that I've moved home. That's always been the case previous to this, but then again that was always when I was home for Spring Break or a weekend or something. We haven't truly lived in the same state since our senior year of high school, 5 years ago. Maybe no one's adjusted to the situation yet. When I lived in DC, she was always telling me how she was hanging out with her boyfriend or the other girl pretty much all the time. Am I wrong to want to steal away some of her time every once in a while? I don't think so, but maybe she's just not thinking about it that way.

    I guess the bottom line is, I don't think she's doing this on purpose. Which is maybe worse than if she was. If she's not doing this on purpose, then she's just not really thinking about it, and maybe we've grown apart more than I'd like to admit. Some drift is inevitable in all friendships, I know this. But I don't totally understand why this drift happened now, after our friendship had survived four years of separation during college. Now that we're physically closer to each other, we're emotionally much farther apart.

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    quote of the day

    "Today we got Pamela Hedrick with us today."

    George W. Bush
    January 14, 2003
    Introducing a former welfare recipient at a White House function.
    Presidential (Mis)Speak: The Very Curious Language of George W. Bush

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    back to the grind

    Tomorrow its back to work. It'll be a long day. Even though I'm only working from 10 until about 2, it'll probably be pretty tough seeing as the most strenuous thing I've done thus far this week is blow dry my hair. Or perhaps washing my sheets was the most strenuous. Either way, I'm only half looking forward to it. That might be because I took some Benadryl a few hours ago and I'm finally getting really sleepy. Anyway, I'm done fighting sleep, its time for me to crawl into bed with a book and read for a little before going to sleep so I can be ready to rejoin the world of the living tomorrow. Hope everyone is having a happy Friday night!

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    quote of the day

    "Parents and educators will not be bystandards in education reform."

    George W. Bush
    January 8, 2003
    Speaking before a gathering in the White House on the "No Child Left Behind Act"

    Presidential (Mis)Speak: The Very Curious Language of George W. Bush

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    oh my god

    "A former AU student who is remembered as a musically talented social butterfly was found dead in his Embassy Row apartment during study days last month.
    Tymon Birchett, 29, widely known as "Tymex," was found dead inside a duffel bag Wednesday, Dec. 10 by U.S. Marshals who were sent to evict him from his apartment at 2122 Massachusetts Ave. N.W. After an autopsy, the District's medical examiner's office ruled that Birchett was beaten and strangled to death, according to Adrienne Lavalley, general counsel to the medical examiner."

    Wow, I can't believe it. That kid went to my school (albeit a bit before my time). And I used to live like 20 blocks from the apartment he was found at. That's freaky shit.

    Read the rest of the article

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    winter wonderland

    It snowed! I'm not really excited, I actually truly dislike snow. It does look pretty until it turns all brown though. I managed to shower today, which was really nice, so now I feel nice and clean. Yesterday I took a bath, but didn't dry my hair, so I'm contemplating doing that today. And I washed my sheets, which means no moping around in bed for me today. I'm definitely not at 100% yet, but I'm much better than I was even yesterday. I'm even thinking about going into work tomorrow. Speaking of which, when I called today and talked to my manager Cheryl, she seemed annoyed that I hadn't done any of my 2 table sections yet, as if its my fault that I got the flu. I'm sure that I misunderstood her tone or something, because all the interactions I've had with her have been really positive. I hope I misunderstood her tone anyway, its not like I can control the freakin flu virus. I'd be better than God if I could. I know they need me on the floor at work, but trust me, I didn't plan on having the entire week off. I planned on getting my 2 table shifts done and then picking up full sections for the rest of the week, not lying in bed coughing and sneezing my head off. Whatever. I can't sweat what I can't control. There's just no point to it. Guess what the exciting news is though. I haven't had a cigarette since Tuesday. I mean, I know its common sense that I shouldn't smoke when I'm sick, but I'm pretty proud of myself. I'm not planning on having one today either, and then we'll see if that leads to quitting or not. I'm not married to the idea of quitting, but I'm definitely not against it either.

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    london calling

    On a hunch, I started checking hotel rates at LondonTown.com to see if I could get better rates than the ones the travel agents and other websites were finding for us. I checked this hotel that my mom really wants to stay at, called 41, and it said that they could give us a rate of 106 pounds per night, a 55% discount! I also checked The Rubens at the Palace which actually had the same rate, and since they got back to us, we booked it. I actually like 41 better, but The Rubens looks really nice too, and it includes a buffet breakfast. I'm getting really excited about flying and staying in style while in London. Plus, with a room rate like that, my mom and I are gonna get to see a couple plays and still have enough money for some shopping! It's gonna be fun.

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    slow recovery

    I managed to sleep pretty well last night. Could be because my flu shot is working (although not in the traditional sense of preventing me from getting the flu) or perhaps because my parents got me a register booster for the heater in my room so it was a lot warmer last night than its ever been in here in the winter. The downside of better heating in my room is that my throat is killing me, although that too could be part of the flu. I'm still really really achy, but it doesn't seem to be fever related. And the Robitussin does seem to be keeping me from coughing, which is good, seeing as I've mentioned how much my throat hurts. I was really amazed that I was able to sleep for almost 12 hours considering the fact that I slept probably 5-6 hours during the day yesterday. I wouldn't say that I feel refreshed exactly, but a hell of a lot better than yesterday. So now its off to the kitchen to have some cereal and definitely a little tea to soothe my throat.

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    the flu vaccine myth

    Did everyone get their flu shots this year? I did, and I'm currently suffering from the flu anyway. I knew that every year there was a possibility that you could get the flu even if you got the shot, but I thought it was like a 1% chance or something. Apparently 10-30% of people who got the flu vaccine will still get the flu. How much does that suck? I can pretty much tell you how much it sucks. A LOT. I have to concentrate on keeping lots of fluids in my body, which of course means more trips to the bathroom, not to mention the fact that I'm ridiculously achy and always have the chills. Then I take something to reduce my fever, which so far has only gone up to 102, and I manage to sleep for an hour before it wears off and I wake up again. It's a pretty cycle, I tell you. Lots of fun. At least my mommy is making me chix soup tonight (homemade from scratch!). And she got me cough drops, Robitussin, and Throat Coat tea. I just hope this doesn't last very long.

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    my mom is a technology retard

    So because I was working on Thursday night, I asked my mom to tape Friends. Which she did. I put it in the VCR tonight, watched it right up until the climactic moment when Chandler is describing Monica to that mother at the adoption agency and then all of a sudden the screen turns BLUE. Nothing. There was nothing else on the tape. My mouth literally fell open. How is it possible to set a VCR to tape an episode of something that is only 30 minutes long and fail? Or partially fail? The tape wasn't over, the episode was at the beginning. I think I'm going to cry. I wanted to see that episode so badly. Ugh, I can't believe my mom is that bad with technology that she couldn't figure out how to tape the whole episode. Grrr. At least my dad told me that they did get the baby, thank God. I would have been very upset if they had been asleep and I couldn't have found out what happened until morning. Still a little annoyed at her though. I think I'm gonna have to have my dad do the VCR programming next time.

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    I passed

    So, I passed my server audit today and judging by the fact that they're letting me go on the floor, I would guess that I passed my test too. Yay. I'm really psyched tonight because its the first new episode of Charmed in a while, way over a month, and I LOVE CHARMED. So that's a big yay! And, everyone should check this out: Virgin Atlantic Upper Class. That's how my mom and I are getting to London in April. We can't actually pay for it, we're using frequent flyer miles. The actual round trip if we paid for it in cash would be over $7,000, so I'm very excited to go on it for free. Especially since I'm a pretty crappy flyer and seeing as its a trans-Atlantic flight I'd like to be as comfortable as possible. Other than that, nothing much is new. I think I might be coming down with something because my throat kinda hurts and I'm having trouble clearing my throat. I hope I'm not getting a cold, but I can't imagine its allergies since its so freakin cold outside. And speaking of cold, we're having a bit of a cold spell around here. Last night it was 8 degrees, and right now its 25. I hate cold weather so much. I can't wait until spring.

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    Training Day

    I took my server final today, and my uniform is currently in the dryer awaiting pressing so that I can do my server audit tomorrow. As the day wears on I keep thinking of things that I could have done to do better on the final, but you know what, I really don't (or rather shouldn't) care. Did I do my best? No. But you see, the thing is that its just a job. They're not going to fire me, the worst they can really do is make me train longer, which while it would be embarassing, wouldn't be the end of the world. It's not like I spent 4 years in college to be a waitress or something. And I know I'll rock my audit tomorrow. I'm a great schmoozer. I honestly just can't wait to get on the floor and start making some money. I'll just have to suffer through tomorrow and then I can do my 3 shifts with 2 tables and after that I can pick up shifts until the next schedule comes out. Now, instead of getting into a nice comfy bed and reading The Kitchen God's Wife by Amy Tan as I really want to do, I'm gonna get into bed and study the wine list so I can suggest some good wines to whichever manager I have to serve tomorrow. Ugh.

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    finally over

    The week is finally over. Its weird, b/c in a sense it feels like it went so quickly, and at the same time, the past two days could not have gone quickly enough. I worked almost 18 hours in the past two days, so that could have something to do with it. Tonight I had my last follow, although I don't think I followed Linda for a single second. Truth be told, I pretty much ran her section most of the night. I don't know why exactly, perhaps because she got a little flustered, but I don't like running my ass off for no money. After waiting on all of her tables, she got all the tips. I know this is how training goes, and I'd be lying if I said that I didn't feel totally confident by now, but I'm also not the average trainee. Most trainees haven't worked at this exact restaurant for 9 months, so while I know my way around, I know all the kitchen guys, the bartenders and managers, someone who didn't have that experience might be a little uneasy running a 4 table section on a Friday night with little to no assistance from their trainer on only their 4th shift working there. For me, I think it was just good practice, although I wouldn't have minded good practice along with a little $$$. Anyway, after the longest shift ever tonight, I'm pretty damn tired, so I'm going to SLEEP.

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    I hate my boss

    Okay, so I hate my boss. He hasn't done anything to me directly, its the bad-mouthing he's doing behind my back that's pissing me off. I left the restaurant 3 years ago, and he apparently thinks that I had a bad attitude around the time I left. So what does he do? First, he tells one of the other managers. Fine. I don't have a problem with that in theory. But then, when the girl who trained me last night went up to him and told him that I really knew what I was doing and it was a waste to keep me in training any longer, he told her that he was going to keep me in training because I had a bad attitude when I left. I have several issues with this. #1: It's totally inappropriate for him to tell someone who is supposed to be my equal something like that. Telling a manager is fine. Telling a server isn't. #2: I don't care about being kept in training, I care about being kept in training when everyone agrees that I don't need to anymore just because he wants to punish me for something he thinks I did over 3 years ago. He's held a grudge against me for that long? I mean honestly, how about a little professionalism?

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    Just got done with a yummy lobster dinner that my mom cooked for my dad's birthday today. I think I may have eaten a tad too much though. Oh well, I'll get over it. I had my first training shift on the floor at work today, which was fun, kinda. I did find out that Justin is definitely not going to be working there anymore, which I'm actually a little on the sad side about. I know that sounds weird, considering the fact that I only hooked up with him once and he blew me off the next time I saw him (after which I acted like a complete psycho), but I think I'm mostly sad because he truly is a pretty cool guy. Okay and I don't like that someone is going to think of me as a total nutjob for the rest of their life because I didn't get the opportunity to ever present a non-nutty side of myself (other than when we hooked up, but that doesn't really count). There is a somewhat cute guy that works there though. His name is Sean. Other than that, the prospects at work are fairly dim. Which is probably a good thing since hooking up with people you work with is never a good idea. Still, I gotta find a way to get me some quality ass sometime soon. I'm going a little nuts. I need ass. Now. Dammit.

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    Vengeful Woman Extraordinaire

    While I was at the Devils game last night, Rachael, her mom and I started talking about their goalie Martin Brodeur and how while he is most definitely one of the best goalies in the NHL, he's a bit of a schmuck when it comes to being a person. See, up until last year he had a gorgeous wife and 4 kids. I don't think he's even 30 yet, but being one of the best goalies in the National Hockey League is a gig that pays pretty well, and he and his wife always seemed to be pretty happy. They would always show her on TV during the playoffs, usually holding their twin sons. But last year it came to light that Brodeur had been cheating on his wife with her sister. Clearly both of the parties involved have no hearts. But what I love about this story is that its rumored that after he and his wife officially split up, Mrs. Brodeur would call Marty up before games (and if you've ever known a goalie, you know that each one is really weird about the way that they focus before games) and tell him that she was out with other guys and stuff like that, just to mess up his concentration before a game.

    Now that is my idea of a woman who really knows how to get revenge. She didn't just try to make him jealous, she did it before he had to perform in front of lots of people, putting him in a position where he could let his teammates and fans down. After what he did to her, he deserves it.

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    Presidential (Mis)Speak Quote of the Day

    Border relations between Canada and Mexico have never been better.

    George W. Bush
    September 24, 2001
    Joint Press Conference with Canada's Prime Minister

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    Devils 3, Edmonton 2

    So I went to a NJ Devils hockey game last night with my friend Rachael and her mom. I love goign to Devils games. When I was 16 my friends all chipped in to buy me a Martin Brodeur Devils jersey, which I have worn to every subsequent Devils game that I've been to (including the ones that weren't at home). Last night was an exciting game. The Devils scored early on and then didn't score again until there were only 5 minutes left in the 3rd period, when they were already losing 2-1. So then it goes into overtime (which as you know if you watch hockey, during the regular season overtime is a 5-minute, sudden death, 4-on4 game) and less than a minute in, Patrik Elias scores and the Devils win. So it was very exciting. I'm gonna try to go again sometime this season, because I really do have a ton of fun when I go. Go Devils!

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    I love that word: yicky. I know its not real word, but it describes today so well. It's pouring and disgusting...just yicky. I've already been to a training class at work today, and now I've got to shower (well, I'll probably take a bath, seeing as its so gross out, I need a nice hot bath) and then go over to the mall and search for shoes and a shirt for work. The only good thing about today is that I get to go to a New Jersey Devils hockey game. It's been a few years since I've gone, but I'm gonna be breaking out my Brodeur jersey and everything. I'm a dork, but its fun. I love being an obnoxious fan.

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    Quote of the Day

    Again from my Presidential (Mis)Speak calendar:

    "We're working on what's called 10-plus-10-over-10...to help Russia securitize the dismantling--the dismantled nucular warheads."

    President George W. Bush
    May 23, 2002
    Remarks while meeting with German Chancellor Schroeder in Berlin, Germany

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    Layout Change

    So yeah, I changed the layout again. I like this one. Its simple, easy to read and navigate and whatever. I'm not feeling overly articulate right now if you haven't noticed. Check out my moblog. I put pictures of my dog up, and some pictures of my niece. When I go to London I'll put up pics of the trip. I can't wait. Too bad its not until the end of April.

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    Jury Duty

    So apparently the government has psychics working for them now. Its unbelievable that two weeks after I officially moved home I got a summons for jury duty. For a whole freakin week. Its not until the middle of February, but its gonna suck.

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    Aren't there any NORMAL boys interested in me? Lately I've attracted only psychos. The guy that I met the other night, on New Year's....total psycho. He's called me like 7 times. He just called on my home line (I let my mom know that I didn't want to be put on the phone with him anymore). He invited me to a motorcycle show. What, like I live in a trailer park or something? Perhaps that's a bit obnoxious of me, but I mean, COME ON. And then last night, I'm out with a friend, and we end up talking to this guy who INSISTS on walking me to my car even though I told him I was driving my friend home and then proceeds to kiss me and is annoyed when I don't want to make out with him. First of all, I know the guy as "Book Boy." He hooked up with one of my friends like 3 years ago, but apparently he doesn't remember her. He was too drunk. He always comes into the bar with a book, some trash novel. So why would I want to kiss him? I didn't. I told him I didn't want to kiss him. In NO UNCERTAIN TERMS. What is wrong with people lately? How do I attract such WEIRDOS?!?! It's really starting to worry me. And oh yeah, the kicker...Justin may not have been fired from work. Apparently, even though he no-call/no-showed on New Year's Eve, they still might keep him. I dunno. One person tells me one thing and then someone else tells me something else. Oy. OY....OYYYYYY.

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    Oh Noooo...

    The quote for January 3, 2004 from the Presidential (Mis)Speak calendar?

    "This country has no designs on Cuba's soverty; we have no designs on the soverty of Cuba."

    George W. Bush
    May 20, 2002
    Remark at Cuban Independence Day even at the James L. Knight Center in Miami, Florida.

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    Boy Question

    How do you tell a guy, look, I think you're nice, but if I hadn't been drunk I definitely wouldn't have made out with you? This is why I hate New Year's. I overdo it and do dumb stuff.

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    I've been online a lot the past couple of days trying to find hotels in London since my mom and I are gonna go there for my graduation gift. Unfortunately, all this BS about airplane security is freaking her out and she's saying she's not going anywhere until its safer. While I understand the sentiment, I'd rather not live my life being afraid of everything. I just hope they tone down all the hype so we can take this trip. I've never been to London and I really want to go. If she doesn't want to, she's welcome to send me on one of those trips around Europe for 3 weeks, but I'd really like to get to see London with my mom. A nice girls vacation. It'll suck if she won't go.

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    Quote of the Day

    This comes from my Presidential (Mis)Speak calendar, but its too funny to let go of.

    "The law I sign today directs new funds and new focus to the task of collecting vital intelligence on terrorist threats and on weapons of mass production."

    George W. Bush
    November 27, 2002
    Speaking at the White House during the signing of the September 11th Commission Bill.

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    Well, Happy New Year! I hope everyone puked on New Year's Eve like I did. Just kidding, I don't hope that, but I hope that those of you that didn't had a killer hangover yesterday. Oh wait, I had that too. It sucks, I always overdo it on New Year's and end up suffering. At least this year wasn't as bad as New Year's 2000. A really cute guy had to brush my teeth for me after I spent two hours puking. That was unpleasant.

    But crappy New Year's aside, some pretty good things have happened so far this year. I worked for 3 hours last night, and when I got there I found out that Justin (the guy I drunk dialed and left two messages) is going to be fired. He didn't show up for work on New Year's Eve. So that takes care of the problem of having to work with him and it being really awkward. So yay for that.

    The even better news is that I got my last grade finally. I got an A, which means I have a 4.0 for my last semester in college. Unfortunately, it didn't do all that much for my cumulative GPA, which is still only a 3.12. But my major GPA is a 3.75. So that makes me happy.

    Well, I gotta get dressed now to take the dog to the vet. I really hope it doesn't cost too much money because I only have like $600 left in my checking and my bills havent cleared yet and I need to pay my cell and my graduation money hasn't cleared yet. So really I probably can only spend between $100 and $150. I hope it doesn't cost more than that.

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