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Just got done with a yummy lobster dinner that my mom cooked for my dad's birthday today. I think I may have eaten a tad too much though. Oh well, I'll get over it. I had my first training shift on the floor at work today, which was fun, kinda. I did find out that Justin is definitely not going to be working there anymore, which I'm actually a little on the sad side about. I know that sounds weird, considering the fact that I only hooked up with him once and he blew me off the next time I saw him (after which I acted like a complete psycho), but I think I'm mostly sad because he truly is a pretty cool guy. Okay and I don't like that someone is going to think of me as a total nutjob for the rest of their life because I didn't get the opportunity to ever present a non-nutty side of myself (other than when we hooked up, but that doesn't really count). There is a somewhat cute guy that works there though. His name is Sean. Other than that, the prospects at work are fairly dim. Which is probably a good thing since hooking up with people you work with is never a good idea. Still, I gotta find a way to get me some quality ass sometime soon. I'm going a little nuts. I need ass. Now. Dammit.

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