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Devils 3, Edmonton 2

So I went to a NJ Devils hockey game last night with my friend Rachael and her mom. I love goign to Devils games. When I was 16 my friends all chipped in to buy me a Martin Brodeur Devils jersey, which I have worn to every subsequent Devils game that I've been to (including the ones that weren't at home). Last night was an exciting game. The Devils scored early on and then didn't score again until there were only 5 minutes left in the 3rd period, when they were already losing 2-1. So then it goes into overtime (which as you know if you watch hockey, during the regular season overtime is a 5-minute, sudden death, 4-on4 game) and less than a minute in, Patrik Elias scores and the Devils win. So it was very exciting. I'm gonna try to go again sometime this season, because I really do have a ton of fun when I go. Go Devils!

posted by Lauren@ 10:28 AM


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