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the flu vaccine myth

Did everyone get their flu shots this year? I did, and I'm currently suffering from the flu anyway. I knew that every year there was a possibility that you could get the flu even if you got the shot, but I thought it was like a 1% chance or something. Apparently 10-30% of people who got the flu vaccine will still get the flu. How much does that suck? I can pretty much tell you how much it sucks. A LOT. I have to concentrate on keeping lots of fluids in my body, which of course means more trips to the bathroom, not to mention the fact that I'm ridiculously achy and always have the chills. Then I take something to reduce my fever, which so far has only gone up to 102, and I manage to sleep for an hour before it wears off and I wake up again. It's a pretty cycle, I tell you. Lots of fun. At least my mommy is making me chix soup tonight (homemade from scratch!). And she got me cough drops, Robitussin, and Throat Coat tea. I just hope this doesn't last very long.

posted by Lauren@ 2:52 PM


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