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I hate my boss

Okay, so I hate my boss. He hasn't done anything to me directly, its the bad-mouthing he's doing behind my back that's pissing me off. I left the restaurant 3 years ago, and he apparently thinks that I had a bad attitude around the time I left. So what does he do? First, he tells one of the other managers. Fine. I don't have a problem with that in theory. But then, when the girl who trained me last night went up to him and told him that I really knew what I was doing and it was a waste to keep me in training any longer, he told her that he was going to keep me in training because I had a bad attitude when I left. I have several issues with this. #1: It's totally inappropriate for him to tell someone who is supposed to be my equal something like that. Telling a manager is fine. Telling a server isn't. #2: I don't care about being kept in training, I care about being kept in training when everyone agrees that I don't need to anymore just because he wants to punish me for something he thinks I did over 3 years ago. He's held a grudge against me for that long? I mean honestly, how about a little professionalism?

posted by Lauren@ 12:43 PM


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