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I passed

So, I passed my server audit today and judging by the fact that they're letting me go on the floor, I would guess that I passed my test too. Yay. I'm really psyched tonight because its the first new episode of Charmed in a while, way over a month, and I LOVE CHARMED. So that's a big yay! And, everyone should check this out: Virgin Atlantic Upper Class. That's how my mom and I are getting to London in April. We can't actually pay for it, we're using frequent flyer miles. The actual round trip if we paid for it in cash would be over $7,000, so I'm very excited to go on it for free. Especially since I'm a pretty crappy flyer and seeing as its a trans-Atlantic flight I'd like to be as comfortable as possible. Other than that, nothing much is new. I think I might be coming down with something because my throat kinda hurts and I'm having trouble clearing my throat. I hope I'm not getting a cold, but I can't imagine its allergies since its so freakin cold outside. And speaking of cold, we're having a bit of a cold spell around here. Last night it was 8 degrees, and right now its 25. I hate cold weather so much. I can't wait until spring.

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