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my mom is a technology retard

So because I was working on Thursday night, I asked my mom to tape Friends. Which she did. I put it in the VCR tonight, watched it right up until the climactic moment when Chandler is describing Monica to that mother at the adoption agency and then all of a sudden the screen turns BLUE. Nothing. There was nothing else on the tape. My mouth literally fell open. How is it possible to set a VCR to tape an episode of something that is only 30 minutes long and fail? Or partially fail? The tape wasn't over, the episode was at the beginning. I think I'm going to cry. I wanted to see that episode so badly. Ugh, I can't believe my mom is that bad with technology that she couldn't figure out how to tape the whole episode. Grrr. At least my dad told me that they did get the baby, thank God. I would have been very upset if they had been asleep and I couldn't have found out what happened until morning. Still a little annoyed at her though. I think I'm gonna have to have my dad do the VCR programming next time.

posted by Lauren@ 11:29 PM


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