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Aren't there any NORMAL boys interested in me? Lately I've attracted only psychos. The guy that I met the other night, on New Year's....total psycho. He's called me like 7 times. He just called on my home line (I let my mom know that I didn't want to be put on the phone with him anymore). He invited me to a motorcycle show. What, like I live in a trailer park or something? Perhaps that's a bit obnoxious of me, but I mean, COME ON. And then last night, I'm out with a friend, and we end up talking to this guy who INSISTS on walking me to my car even though I told him I was driving my friend home and then proceeds to kiss me and is annoyed when I don't want to make out with him. First of all, I know the guy as "Book Boy." He hooked up with one of my friends like 3 years ago, but apparently he doesn't remember her. He was too drunk. He always comes into the bar with a book, some trash novel. So why would I want to kiss him? I didn't. I told him I didn't want to kiss him. In NO UNCERTAIN TERMS. What is wrong with people lately? How do I attract such WEIRDOS?!?! It's really starting to worry me. And oh yeah, the kicker...Justin may not have been fired from work. Apparently, even though he no-call/no-showed on New Year's Eve, they still might keep him. I dunno. One person tells me one thing and then someone else tells me something else. Oy. OY....OYYYYYY.

posted by Lauren@ 2:19 PM


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