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slow recovery

I managed to sleep pretty well last night. Could be because my flu shot is working (although not in the traditional sense of preventing me from getting the flu) or perhaps because my parents got me a register booster for the heater in my room so it was a lot warmer last night than its ever been in here in the winter. The downside of better heating in my room is that my throat is killing me, although that too could be part of the flu. I'm still really really achy, but it doesn't seem to be fever related. And the Robitussin does seem to be keeping me from coughing, which is good, seeing as I've mentioned how much my throat hurts. I was really amazed that I was able to sleep for almost 12 hours considering the fact that I slept probably 5-6 hours during the day yesterday. I wouldn't say that I feel refreshed exactly, but a hell of a lot better than yesterday. So now its off to the kitchen to have some cereal and definitely a little tea to soothe my throat.

posted by Lauren@ 11:38 AM


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