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trying again...

I have a bit more energy now to retype the post that blogger so unceremoniously deleted earlier. What I was saying was that the past two days have been pretty good. On Tuesday morning I worked my first shift on the floor with a full section, which was nice, although I didn't make all that much money. Still, I can make do with a $30.00 lunch. Then on Tuesday evening my parents and I went out to dinner at the restaurant, partly because my mom is very excited about the 50% that I get for being an employee, and partly because all our kitchen cabinets are being redone so we have very little in the way of a kitchen at the moment. After dinner I went and met my friends Scott, Justin and Jason at Fridays for a couple of drinks, but when Jason's ex-girlfriend literally threatened to kill him we decided to head to another bar. We ended up at this place called McGuinn's where we ran into Lil and Scott sang 5 karoake songs. He was actually pretty good. Scott is definitely one of those jack-of-all-trades types, but he's a ton of fun. Justin is hilarious, never a dull moment with him. And there is definitely never a dull moment with Jason because he seems to always have some ex that wants to kill him. My guess is that a lot of it is his fault, but even so, he's a lovable guy. And very, very, very hot. Very.

Last night I worked in cocktails, which was very busy for a Wednesday night due to the fact that we had about a million reservations for large parties of 10 or more. I made about $65 so I was pretty happy. After work everyone (and I do mean everyone) went over to Fridays since it was Pilar's last night. I'm gonna miss her. I spent most of the night talking to Jen, Emily, Meg, Steph and Lil, but I had some interesting conversations with Sean and one of the hostesses whose name I can't remember.

Today I have the whole day off, so I went to the bank, the gas station, Victoria's Secret (to replace the bra that the dog chewed through) and now I'm doing laundry. Fun day, huh? I'm just glad that I don't have to work today.

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