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Well, Happy New Year! I hope everyone puked on New Year's Eve like I did. Just kidding, I don't hope that, but I hope that those of you that didn't had a killer hangover yesterday. Oh wait, I had that too. It sucks, I always overdo it on New Year's and end up suffering. At least this year wasn't as bad as New Year's 2000. A really cute guy had to brush my teeth for me after I spent two hours puking. That was unpleasant.

But crappy New Year's aside, some pretty good things have happened so far this year. I worked for 3 hours last night, and when I got there I found out that Justin (the guy I drunk dialed and left two messages) is going to be fired. He didn't show up for work on New Year's Eve. So that takes care of the problem of having to work with him and it being really awkward. So yay for that.

The even better news is that I got my last grade finally. I got an A, which means I have a 4.0 for my last semester in college. Unfortunately, it didn't do all that much for my cumulative GPA, which is still only a 3.12. But my major GPA is a 3.75. So that makes me happy.

Well, I gotta get dressed now to take the dog to the vet. I really hope it doesn't cost too much money because I only have like $600 left in my checking and my bills havent cleared yet and I need to pay my cell and my graduation money hasn't cleared yet. So really I probably can only spend between $100 and $150. I hope it doesn't cost more than that.

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