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Vengeful Woman Extraordinaire

While I was at the Devils game last night, Rachael, her mom and I started talking about their goalie Martin Brodeur and how while he is most definitely one of the best goalies in the NHL, he's a bit of a schmuck when it comes to being a person. See, up until last year he had a gorgeous wife and 4 kids. I don't think he's even 30 yet, but being one of the best goalies in the National Hockey League is a gig that pays pretty well, and he and his wife always seemed to be pretty happy. They would always show her on TV during the playoffs, usually holding their twin sons. But last year it came to light that Brodeur had been cheating on his wife with her sister. Clearly both of the parties involved have no hearts. But what I love about this story is that its rumored that after he and his wife officially split up, Mrs. Brodeur would call Marty up before games (and if you've ever known a goalie, you know that each one is really weird about the way that they focus before games) and tell him that she was out with other guys and stuff like that, just to mess up his concentration before a game.

Now that is my idea of a woman who really knows how to get revenge. She didn't just try to make him jealous, she did it before he had to perform in front of lots of people, putting him in a position where he could let his teammates and fans down. After what he did to her, he deserves it.

posted by Lauren@ 5:19 PM


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