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winter wonderland

It snowed! I'm not really excited, I actually truly dislike snow. It does look pretty until it turns all brown though. I managed to shower today, which was really nice, so now I feel nice and clean. Yesterday I took a bath, but didn't dry my hair, so I'm contemplating doing that today. And I washed my sheets, which means no moping around in bed for me today. I'm definitely not at 100% yet, but I'm much better than I was even yesterday. I'm even thinking about going into work tomorrow. Speaking of which, when I called today and talked to my manager Cheryl, she seemed annoyed that I hadn't done any of my 2 table sections yet, as if its my fault that I got the flu. I'm sure that I misunderstood her tone or something, because all the interactions I've had with her have been really positive. I hope I misunderstood her tone anyway, its not like I can control the freakin flu virus. I'd be better than God if I could. I know they need me on the floor at work, but trust me, I didn't plan on having the entire week off. I planned on getting my 2 table shifts done and then picking up full sections for the rest of the week, not lying in bed coughing and sneezing my head off. Whatever. I can't sweat what I can't control. There's just no point to it. Guess what the exciting news is though. I haven't had a cigarette since Tuesday. I mean, I know its common sense that I shouldn't smoke when I'm sick, but I'm pretty proud of myself. I'm not planning on having one today either, and then we'll see if that leads to quitting or not. I'm not married to the idea of quitting, but I'm definitely not against it either.

posted by Lauren@ 3:58 PM


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