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    yay for days off

    I am definitely becoming a morning person. Not that I particularly enjoy getting out of bed or anything--I do, as Dante put it, like to boogie--just that I can't seem to sleep past 9:30, which is a considerable bummer since I don't generally have to get out of bed until 10:15 on most mornings that I work.

    Today, however, I don't have to work. Through the miracle of good scheduling (which I would love to take credit for, but alas I must give credit to my manager Cheryl), I only have one shift to work between now and Saturday afternoon at 2 PM. So instead of working, I went to Ulta and got some styling goop (not its actually name, although its a pretty apt description of the consistency of the stuff) for my hair and my makeup remover. I also went to Macy's to get my usual Christian Dior foundation, but instead ended up with a great MAC foundation and blush for about the same price as I usually pay for just the foundation at the Dior counter. Still though, I feel like I've spent a lot of money today (about $65) which I should have put into my savings account. Still, a girl's gotta look good, so I feel my purchases are justified.

    I think I'm gonna go with the fam out to dinner at the restaurant tonight, as I've had dreams the past two nights about the food there (not that I couldn't eat it after my shift, but I want it with a nice glass of wine and all). We just changed our whole menu so there is lots of good stuff to try out. Okay, back to being productive (at what I'm not sure, but I'll find something).

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    It's not even 10am and I'm already showered (actually, a took a nice hot bath). I don't have to be at work until 11:45, and I only live 10 minutes away from work. The thing is, this happened to me on Sunday too, except that I didn't have to go to work. I just couldn't sleep past 9 o'clock. Do you think this means that (GASP!) I'm becoming a morning person? I used to be able to sleep 12 hours, no sweat. Now I can barely get 9 hours of sleep. I really only need 8 to function, but sometimes I like to get a little bit more. Who doesn't? I don't want to stay up any later, mostly because I am tired when I go to bed, but I also would like to sleep until my alarm goes off, so I don't have to be up with nothing to do until I go to work. Anyway, its snowing and I need a book so I'm gonna get ready for work and head out a little (okay like an hour) early and go to Barnes and Noble to pick up a new book and a coffee at Starbucks.

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    definitely a good hair day

    I did it! I chopped off all my hair! Well, 6 inches of it at least. It's now in a really cute bob that comes up to about my chin. I also got really cute highlights. I don't know how to explain it so I'll just have to take a picture another day and show you. But I'm telling you, it looks really really cute.

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    good hair day (i hope)

    Had a jolly good day yesterday (am testing out my British/Bridget Jones-esque style of speaking/writing as I figure I will be a dumb American and try to use it when I am in London). Okay, so the day was not so "jolly good." Was more like "bloody loooong." I worked a double, and although it was definitely a bloody long day, I made almost $200 so the long, slave-like hours that bosses make me work were definitely worth it (and at almost $20/hour yesterday, probably cannot be classified as slave-like, although by midnight my calves were screaming in disagreement and pain).

    Plan for today is to get my colors done (apparently this is British for highlights) and get a haircut. Possibly a Cynthia Nixon-like bob, although without the flaming red hair. I do plan on going for some red in my hair, but not the entire head. Eyebrows are definitely way too dark for flaming red bob. I do however, need to get the eyebrows waxed as they have become unruly and unibrow-ish in the face of my neglect of them (don't think Frida Kahlo unibrow, think probably completely unnoticeable except to myself unibrow). Hopefully the salon in the mall still gives 10% off to mall employees. That would be "jolly good." I need to find nice British phrases that don't include the words "jolly" or "bloody." Why do they say "bloody" anyway? It seems so....morbid? No, not the word I'm looking for. More like...ghastly (aha! another British word to use!) But not ghastly either...more...messy perhaps? I'm sure I'll find the word I'm looking for.

    Ant(hony) has very nicely offered to work for me this morning, so I have the entire day off (to prepare for tonight's new Charmed episode of course, although I'd like to be preparing for the last Sex and the City episode that is airing tonight, but Dad seems to think that we should only have HBO in the summer, when he doesn't need to have the Sports Channel to watch Devils' games halfway through, get pissy at the Devils for having no offense and turn the very expensive premium network off in disgust for one of the non-premium networks). Right. Back to having the entire day off. Need to wash sheets, get hair/eyebrows done (need to make appointment very soon I should think), spend time with grandmother who like to pop in unexpectedly under guise of wanting to "walk Eddie since he is so fat and needs exercise" (wonder if she knows that we all know she is just lonely since the death of her dog two months ago, Mom is considering offering her Eddie---we all know she won't take him and I think Mom knows that giving away Eddie would kill her in much the same manner as being forced to give one of her less furry children away). There was something else important I needed to do today. Ah yes, wash my sheets. Shit no, I already said that. Crap. Doorbell. Must be grandmother here to "walk Eddie." Both dogs are currently crying in excitement. I should go spend time with her.

    Right then. Just off to the loo (yay, more British words, although I think "loo" is a supremely stupid word. Will be sure not to mention this when I go to London) and then to talk to grandmother. Oh yes! I remember. Must go talk to new British friend Ensaph (hope spelling is right) who works at furniture store next to restaurant about where to go in London. She is going to send me out to nightclubs with her most likely way-too-hip-for-Lauren Londonite friends. Okay...British/Bridget Jones experiment is over. Writing like this takes too much concentration. Must stop trying to be clever and rely on own charming personality and not personality of fictional character. Yeah, now the experiment is really over. I do wish I had been clever enough to write those stupid novels first though. Then I would be rich, famous, and friends with Mr. Darcy (aka Colin Firth), and oh yes, Hugh Grant. Then life would truly be good, and I would presumably be making more than $20/hour. I have to stop procrastinating and just go and talk to Bama (aka grandmother who stops in unexpectedly under guise of walking Eddie).

    Cheerio! (I couldn't resist one more British word...if this post has been supremely annoying, I apologize, but I trust you'll get over it.)

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    I'm having a bit of a bad day. Not really. I think it might be because I've been engrossed with reading Bridget Jones: The Edge of Reason and in comparison with her pathetic life, mine doesn't really seem all that much better.

    Saw Justin today when I went out to lunch with my mom. He didn't see me though. Craig asked what I was doing later, but then my mom came out of the bathroom and we had to leave. From what I gathered he is either working tonight at the A&B or he's drinking there tonight. Still, I'm not about to put in a repeat performance of showing up by myself as I did on my birthday!

    So, it looks like I'm spending Friday night sans alcohol, sans smoking, sans friends (or men), sans everything except extremely boring parents.

    Off to Best Buy now to return the second CD player this week that my piece of shit car has decided it won't play music from. I think I'll just take the refund this time.

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    loving jury duty

    Guess what? I don't have to report for jury duty tomorrow. Seeing as my number is 1361 and they're only calling up to 0431 tomorrow, I'm starting to think that I may not have to report at all. When I found out that I don't have to go in tomorrow I briefly contemplated picking up a shift tomorrow but thought better of it when I remembered that I haven't had two days off in a row in over a month. Maybe this will just give me a little time to re-up, get myself a little more energy and what not so I can throw myself back into the wonderful world of waiting tables on Saturday. Or possibly sooner if I don't have to go in at all this week. At the very least, if I'm not called on Friday then I'm gonna try to pick up Friday night so I can make a hundred bucks or so.

    Today I was productive. I wrote a thank you note for a graduation gift. I signed up for my LSAT course, which starts on April 10. And I went to Best Buy and got a portable CD player with a car kit so I can listen to something other than the radio in my car. I used to have a CD player, but it broke and so I've been listening to the radio every time I've gotten in my car for the past two and a half years or so. Then I went to Barnes & Noble and bought myself the second Bridget Jones book, as well as the John Mayer Room For Squares album. They only cost me about $6 since my mom got me a $25 gift card to B&N for Valentines Day.

    Check it out: this is my new watch!

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    Juror No. 1361

    I have Jury Duty this week. Yay (insert lots and lots and lots of sarcasm here). Thankfully, I don't have to report tomorrow, which means that I actually get a day off. Good God do I need one of those. I clocked out tonight at 41.25 hours. Obviously, I know that many people work more than that each week. And I know that most people aren't as tired as I am after that many hours in a week. However, after working that many hours, most people have a weekend to look forward to. They also don't spend 100% of those hours on their feet (understand that I am saying mostpeople, not everyone), and most people aren't pushed out the door when they go overtime.

    As much as I complain, I love my job. Rather, I love the people I work with. And truth be told, I love waiting tables. I always have. I'm just tired. Hopefully I'll get two days off in a row from this jury duty thing. They've only called up to Juror No. 0160 for tomorrow, so its possible that I might get Wednesday off too in this deal.

    In other news, I think I might write a novel. Honestly. I think I could. I've been developing characters and a bit of a plot the past couple of weeks and I think I might be ready to start writing this week. We'll see. Don't expect to see excerpts or anything on this blog though because if I decide to write a novel, I'm going to be writing it with the intention of having it published and the first way to get your work stolen is to publish it on the internet. So look for it on Amazon.com in a couple of years. But I will definitely write about the process. And maybe tell you a little about the plot, but probably not. Anyway, its time for me to go to bed. Finally, bed.

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    the quote of the day returns

    If you don't have any ambitions, the minimum wage job isn't going to get you wehre you want to get.

    George W. Bush
    August 29, 2002
    Speaking in Little Rock, Arkansas

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    Valentines Day, Birthdays and Exhaustion

    It's been way too long since I've written. I don't even think I've opened my computer in at least two days, probably a record for me other than when I've physically been separated from it by fairly long distances. I think about writing something almost every day, but then I look at my bed and I put off writing for another day because I'm so tired. Not that that's changed today, its just that its Sunday, therefore I got the whole night off.

    This has been an unbelievably tiring week. Since my schedule sucks every week, I won't bore anyone with the details of it, but I will say that with two shifts left to go in our official work week (it goes from Tuesdays through Mondays), I'm already at almost 35.5 hours, meaning that they're either going to send me home tomorrow night or I'm going to go overtime. Honestly, at this point I think I'm too tired to care. I'm definitely feeling pretty apathetic right now. I barely have the energy to recount my birthday, which was largely uneventful save the $500 from my grandmother and the $1000 watch from Baume and Mercier that my parents gave me. It's gorgeous. When I'm not so tired I'll post a link to a picture of it. It's stainless steel and shiny all the way around, and the face is blue mother of pearl with diamonds where the numbers should be. I couldn't be happier with it, although at the moment I think I'd consider my life complete if someone handed me a beer and a cigarette.

    And then there was Justin. How strange that he figured into my birthday. My family went out for dinner on my birthday at the restaurant that's right next door to where he works (the one where I saw him the last time...oh yeah, I saw him another time too, the week after the first time) and since I'm friends with the bartender there I decided to stop in to say hi after we were done with dinner. I thought Justin wasn't working. When I had seen him on Monday, I could swear he told Jess that he was off on Thursday night. So there I am, happy as a clam (because I had just eaten everything within my range of sight) walking into his restaurant. I'm about to open the door when I see Justin, standing at the host stand. If I could have managed it, I probably would have turned around. But he definitely would have noticed, considering he was looking right at me. So I put on a big smile, walked in and said hello. Here's where it gets weird. He seems happy to see me. Previously he had seemed totally indifferent to my presence on this earth. Whatever, there's no point in overanalyzing since the next thing he says is that he and Craig (the bartender I was telling you about) are going out later and would I like to come?

    HUH? I sort of stumbled through it, said that I might be able to go out, told him it was my birthday, yadda yadda yadda. I firmed up the plans with Craig and met them out later in the evening. Does it seem weird that I didn't already have drinking plans in place on my birthday? Maybe, but I kinda figured I would just go out with people from work, and this thing with Justin literally just fell in my lap not ten minutes after I'd told my mom that I was gonna try to hang out with some people from work that night. Anyway, when I met them out later that night, Justin immediately turned his chair to talk to me and practically ignored the other people that he had come with (the staff from his place of work). When he left he gave me this big hug and wished me a happy birthday.

    I sound obsessed with him. And for a while I was. And while I wouldn't necessarily say no to hooking up with him again (read: BIG ORGASM) and I definitely still think he 's hot (read: TO DIE FOR BLUE EYES), I'm largely over it. It's just weird because it was awkward seeing him before (as it should have been considering the fact that I had felt it necessary to leave him two lovely messages while drunk) and here he was asking me to come out with him. Whatev.

    Last night I went to a party with people from work. It was fun but boy were there a lot of drugs there. It was mostly pot, but one girl was on shrooms and e, and I heard rumors that there was coke there. I don't do any drugs (minus the booze that is), but there weren't that many people there who didn't at least smoke up. Oh yeah, I think I have a crush on a guy. Name is Mike(#1). I work with him. He's just a big sweetie, but he's also just out of a relationship (with someone else from work) and I heard that another girl at work likes him. So the prospects are a tad on the dim side. Still, its okay because Mike's friend Mike(#2) (also someone I know, as he used to work with both Mike #1 and I) said that they have a mutual friend who would be perfect for me and invited me to the party that this kid is having in two weeks. Mike #1 said that the only thing bad that could be said about this guy would be that he's too nice.

    Okay, all this typing is giving me a cramp and making me even more tired. As I still technically have two shifts to work tomorrow, I think I'm going to end this long, rambling, never-ending post. I congratulate anyone who actually go to the end of it.

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    Finally A Day Off

    I can't believe my day off has passed this quickly. It's already almost 4:30, and I'm already dreading going to work again tomorrow morning. I've been working 9 shifts a week, and I'm tiiiiired. I work doubles on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday, get Thursday off before working another double on Friday, get another day off on Saturday and have to drag my ass in at 10am on Sunday. All in all its not that bad, but Mondays, Tuesdays and Wednesdays are murderous. And by the time I'm almost ready to go on Wednesday night, I'm feeling pretty murderous myself.

    This week I didn't get to go home in between my shifts at all. I probably won't be able to tomorrow either. It's okay, but I end up going to Fridays and sitting around with friends having a drink or reading a book until I have to go back to work. On Monday two girls from work and I went into Princeton where we ran into....Justin. Apparently he's working at the place next door to where we went. It wasn't that awkward seeing him once I got over the shock. At least he didn't treat me like he thought I was the complete psycho I acted like the last time I called and left messages (yes, that's plural).

    Not too much else is going on in my life. I've managed to save a fair amount of money in the past three weeks (somewhere around $400, which is pretty good for me), and I've made it through about half of my LSAT book. I think I forgot to ask my mom to pick up my vacuum cleaner from the repair shop on Tuesday, which means I should probably stop typing and go get it before they charge me tons more money to keep it there longer. Ooh and I could get a coffee at Starbuck's on the way. Not that I have any cash and only about $5.00 in my checking account. I deposited money in there, but I don't think its cleared yet. Oh well, I think the coffee I want is only $3.00 anyway. Gonna get going now. God, its nice to have a little free time. I'm probably gonna go overtime this week, which really isn't a bad thing where I work because it means they'll send me home. I could deal with a little extra time to sleep.

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