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Finally A Day Off

I can't believe my day off has passed this quickly. It's already almost 4:30, and I'm already dreading going to work again tomorrow morning. I've been working 9 shifts a week, and I'm tiiiiired. I work doubles on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday, get Thursday off before working another double on Friday, get another day off on Saturday and have to drag my ass in at 10am on Sunday. All in all its not that bad, but Mondays, Tuesdays and Wednesdays are murderous. And by the time I'm almost ready to go on Wednesday night, I'm feeling pretty murderous myself.

This week I didn't get to go home in between my shifts at all. I probably won't be able to tomorrow either. It's okay, but I end up going to Fridays and sitting around with friends having a drink or reading a book until I have to go back to work. On Monday two girls from work and I went into Princeton where we ran into....Justin. Apparently he's working at the place next door to where we went. It wasn't that awkward seeing him once I got over the shock. At least he didn't treat me like he thought I was the complete psycho I acted like the last time I called and left messages (yes, that's plural).

Not too much else is going on in my life. I've managed to save a fair amount of money in the past three weeks (somewhere around $400, which is pretty good for me), and I've made it through about half of my LSAT book. I think I forgot to ask my mom to pick up my vacuum cleaner from the repair shop on Tuesday, which means I should probably stop typing and go get it before they charge me tons more money to keep it there longer. Ooh and I could get a coffee at Starbuck's on the way. Not that I have any cash and only about $5.00 in my checking account. I deposited money in there, but I don't think its cleared yet. Oh well, I think the coffee I want is only $3.00 anyway. Gonna get going now. God, its nice to have a little free time. I'm probably gonna go overtime this week, which really isn't a bad thing where I work because it means they'll send me home. I could deal with a little extra time to sleep.

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