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good hair day (i hope)

Had a jolly good day yesterday (am testing out my British/Bridget Jones-esque style of speaking/writing as I figure I will be a dumb American and try to use it when I am in London). Okay, so the day was not so "jolly good." Was more like "bloody loooong." I worked a double, and although it was definitely a bloody long day, I made almost $200 so the long, slave-like hours that bosses make me work were definitely worth it (and at almost $20/hour yesterday, probably cannot be classified as slave-like, although by midnight my calves were screaming in disagreement and pain).

Plan for today is to get my colors done (apparently this is British for highlights) and get a haircut. Possibly a Cynthia Nixon-like bob, although without the flaming red hair. I do plan on going for some red in my hair, but not the entire head. Eyebrows are definitely way too dark for flaming red bob. I do however, need to get the eyebrows waxed as they have become unruly and unibrow-ish in the face of my neglect of them (don't think Frida Kahlo unibrow, think probably completely unnoticeable except to myself unibrow). Hopefully the salon in the mall still gives 10% off to mall employees. That would be "jolly good." I need to find nice British phrases that don't include the words "jolly" or "bloody." Why do they say "bloody" anyway? It seems so....morbid? No, not the word I'm looking for. More like...ghastly (aha! another British word to use!) But not ghastly either...more...messy perhaps? I'm sure I'll find the word I'm looking for.

Ant(hony) has very nicely offered to work for me this morning, so I have the entire day off (to prepare for tonight's new Charmed episode of course, although I'd like to be preparing for the last Sex and the City episode that is airing tonight, but Dad seems to think that we should only have HBO in the summer, when he doesn't need to have the Sports Channel to watch Devils' games halfway through, get pissy at the Devils for having no offense and turn the very expensive premium network off in disgust for one of the non-premium networks). Right. Back to having the entire day off. Need to wash sheets, get hair/eyebrows done (need to make appointment very soon I should think), spend time with grandmother who like to pop in unexpectedly under guise of wanting to "walk Eddie since he is so fat and needs exercise" (wonder if she knows that we all know she is just lonely since the death of her dog two months ago, Mom is considering offering her Eddie---we all know she won't take him and I think Mom knows that giving away Eddie would kill her in much the same manner as being forced to give one of her less furry children away). There was something else important I needed to do today. Ah yes, wash my sheets. Shit no, I already said that. Crap. Doorbell. Must be grandmother here to "walk Eddie." Both dogs are currently crying in excitement. I should go spend time with her.

Right then. Just off to the loo (yay, more British words, although I think "loo" is a supremely stupid word. Will be sure not to mention this when I go to London) and then to talk to grandmother. Oh yes! I remember. Must go talk to new British friend Ensaph (hope spelling is right) who works at furniture store next to restaurant about where to go in London. She is going to send me out to nightclubs with her most likely way-too-hip-for-Lauren Londonite friends. Okay...British/Bridget Jones experiment is over. Writing like this takes too much concentration. Must stop trying to be clever and rely on own charming personality and not personality of fictional character. Yeah, now the experiment is really over. I do wish I had been clever enough to write those stupid novels first though. Then I would be rich, famous, and friends with Mr. Darcy (aka Colin Firth), and oh yes, Hugh Grant. Then life would truly be good, and I would presumably be making more than $20/hour. I have to stop procrastinating and just go and talk to Bama (aka grandmother who stops in unexpectedly under guise of walking Eddie).

Cheerio! (I couldn't resist one more British word...if this post has been supremely annoying, I apologize, but I trust you'll get over it.)

posted by Lauren@ 11:25 AM


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