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Juror No. 1361

I have Jury Duty this week. Yay (insert lots and lots and lots of sarcasm here). Thankfully, I don't have to report tomorrow, which means that I actually get a day off. Good God do I need one of those. I clocked out tonight at 41.25 hours. Obviously, I know that many people work more than that each week. And I know that most people aren't as tired as I am after that many hours in a week. However, after working that many hours, most people have a weekend to look forward to. They also don't spend 100% of those hours on their feet (understand that I am saying mostpeople, not everyone), and most people aren't pushed out the door when they go overtime.

As much as I complain, I love my job. Rather, I love the people I work with. And truth be told, I love waiting tables. I always have. I'm just tired. Hopefully I'll get two days off in a row from this jury duty thing. They've only called up to Juror No. 0160 for tomorrow, so its possible that I might get Wednesday off too in this deal.

In other news, I think I might write a novel. Honestly. I think I could. I've been developing characters and a bit of a plot the past couple of weeks and I think I might be ready to start writing this week. We'll see. Don't expect to see excerpts or anything on this blog though because if I decide to write a novel, I'm going to be writing it with the intention of having it published and the first way to get your work stolen is to publish it on the internet. So look for it on Amazon.com in a couple of years. But I will definitely write about the process. And maybe tell you a little about the plot, but probably not. Anyway, its time for me to go to bed. Finally, bed.

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