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yay for days off

I am definitely becoming a morning person. Not that I particularly enjoy getting out of bed or anything--I do, as Dante put it, like to boogie--just that I can't seem to sleep past 9:30, which is a considerable bummer since I don't generally have to get out of bed until 10:15 on most mornings that I work.

Today, however, I don't have to work. Through the miracle of good scheduling (which I would love to take credit for, but alas I must give credit to my manager Cheryl), I only have one shift to work between now and Saturday afternoon at 2 PM. So instead of working, I went to Ulta and got some styling goop (not its actually name, although its a pretty apt description of the consistency of the stuff) for my hair and my makeup remover. I also went to Macy's to get my usual Christian Dior foundation, but instead ended up with a great MAC foundation and blush for about the same price as I usually pay for just the foundation at the Dior counter. Still though, I feel like I've spent a lot of money today (about $65) which I should have put into my savings account. Still, a girl's gotta look good, so I feel my purchases are justified.

I think I'm gonna go with the fam out to dinner at the restaurant tonight, as I've had dreams the past two nights about the food there (not that I couldn't eat it after my shift, but I want it with a nice glass of wine and all). We just changed our whole menu so there is lots of good stuff to try out. Okay, back to being productive (at what I'm not sure, but I'll find something).

posted by Lauren@ 2:58 PM


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