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$1.50 Satisfaction

Yes, yes, its been a while since I've written. But I have a good excuse. It's nothing new or novel, just the usual I've been working too much. Yesterday I opened both shifts, meaning I went in at 10am and worked until about 2:15, then got about a 45 minute break before I had to open dinner at 3pm, then worked straight through until about 10pm. I think my official hours yesterday were somewhere around 11 hours. That's a lot. Then I went out for drinks with some people from work and got fairly tossed. Okay, so I didn't get tossed at all, but I woke up this morning feeling like I'd been on the most severe of benders (a word my English manager Mark uses all the time). Then I worked again this morning.

And now we shall ring the bells of happiness. I have tomorrow AND Saturday off! I wasn't originally scheduled to have Saturday off, but I gave up my shift to a girl at work who desperately wanted it. And since I made about $150 yesterday (which turns out to be about 13.75/hour, or more accurately, $15.75/hour when you count my hourly wage--usually I don't because that gets eaten up by taxes) I figured I could stand to take a day off.

Tonight I went out and paid a very small price for a whole lot of satisfaction. I went into Princeton and got a scoop of Coffee Heath Bar on a sugar cone from Halo Pub for $1.50. Yum. I finished it faster than I think I've ever finished a scoop of ice cream in my entire life. I could eat that stuff every day.

Tomorrow night its off to Steph's birthday party. My mother has this very strange aversion to me going to a lesbian's birthday party, as if just hanging out with someone who likes girls could make me stop wanting to have sex with men instead of women. Besides, its not like the party is going to be a bunch of lesbians all making out and having sex or something. The party promises to be a lot more tame, at least in the lesbian sex arena. Steph isn't known for her restraint when it comes to drugs, and for that matter, neither are most of my other coworkers. I'm guessing there's gonna be all sorts of stuff there, a detail I left out when telling my mom I was going to a party. She's thinks there's just gonna be booze (and there will be plenty of that). But honestly, I've never done a drug stronger than pot (and only like 3 times at that), so why would I start now? Anyway, I think that my exhaustion might be getting to me so I think I'm gonna lie in bed and catch up on some TV. There probably isn't anything good on.

P.S. I rented the best DVD last weekend. If you haven't seen it, everyone should definitely rent The Life of David Gale. It was sooo good.

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