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do i have to?

Right now I hate my job. I think the reason is mostly because I have to go to work tomorrow. I hate that. Of course another reason could be that I only have one day off this week. But at least I got the more than pleasant surprise that my best friend is in town this week and I get to see her and her daughter (my "niece") on Friday, my only day off.

Tonight was our employee appreciation party. It was okay, I guess. The only girl that I truly dislike from work won a freakin TV. Okay, not the only girl. The other person that I don't like I think I'm growing to hate. She's just such a bitch. She never smiles, and she never says a word to me. No hello, no goodbye, nothing. To be fair, she did say thanks when I lent her my wine key because she was unprepared for work and didn't have her own. Did I mention that I hate work. I wish I was independently wealthy and didn't have to work. But since I'm not, I think I should go to sleep, seeing as its pretty damn late and I have to be at work at 11:45 (yes, I know its late, but I won't be off until 9 or 10). So, night night.

P.S. I think my novel has a direction. I've been working on it a bit over the weekend and I like what I've done at this point. It'll be good, I've always been a damn good writer.

posted by Lauren@ 2:23 AM


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