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doggie rivalry

I have a dog walking rival. My aunt and uncle are staying with us for the weekend, and we all had a couple of glasses of wine with dinner tonight. Then we had some Bailey's with our coffee and dessert. All that drinking makes Lauren want a smoke. So I looked at my dog, who was begging patiently at my mother's feet, and I asked him if he wanted to take a walk, since that's when I sneak out for a smoke. But then my uncle interjected, quite enthusiastically, that he would be happy to take the dog out for me. Damn! I let him do it since I had to go to the mall anyway to get a shawl for the black tie dinner we're all going to tomorrow night. I just hope he doesn't make it into a habit tomorrow. Everyone knows that he smokes. He doesn't need an excuse to take himself on a walk, but I do. And there are only so many excuses I can make for why I have to go out tomorrow. I'm sure I'll live though. Not smoking is certainly something I'd like to strive for, so I guess if my uncle wants to walk the dog once or twice I could probably live through it.

posted by Lauren@ 11:21 PM


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